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Citizens owe America a better report

I largely agree with you on education. No child left behind is a disaster which has led teachers to teach to a test in lieu of teaching them about process, theory, and methodology. But on your point about the private sector creating prosperity, you are being too simplistic. The government has an important role in creating infrastructure and research and an environment that promotes business within acceptable guidelines. If it weren't for the government, as an example, advancements in health and computer technology would not be where they are today. The concept that all government entities are out to squelch productivity is wrong.

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KU listed at 46th among public universities in U.S. News and World Report rankings

LJD - KU's problems aren't as much a funding problem as they are a leadership problem. There is too much whining about money, facilities, and politics and not enough hardcore focus on curriculum and teaching. I sure hope you aren't a KU employee...your attitude about the university and the state sucks!

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Debt burden

No, just a good summer job and a steady job in a university laboratory. From what I know about costs today, about the only way to get through school debt free (without being independently wealthy) is to join the military or work your way through over about an eight year timeframe.

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Debt burden

I had a similar experience, but the cost of a university education has outpaced the ability to work your way through in a traditional sense. Twenty years ago, the cost was about $58 per credit hour. It's about ten times that now. There are some cost containment issues that have not been addresses in higher education.

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Town Talk: North Lawrence adds flea market-type business; Lawrence fares poorly in economic ranking; West Campus incubator eyeing expansion, funding; roadwork short- and long-term

Before we start talking about giving Matt McClory more money for his little west campus incubator project, let's give it at least two years and see how he does. LRTC staff historically haven't known a good bioscience initiative if it farted on them and they need to prove themselves before we hand over more money. And what the hell are we getting for the $250K we are giving the Lawrence-Douglas County Bioscience Authority? I would like to see an audit of those expenditures and a report as to exactly what Mr. Epp is doing with our money.

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Programmers created early 'social network' on mainframe computer at Kansas University in 1970s

Nice story, Andy. It's good to know there are pioneers on campus!

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Why America is on the Brink of Class Warfare

That is great and I truly hope you achieve all of your life goals. But I am wondering how valid your comments are to this particular blog since you are not working in the states? The differences in our economies are substantial and not really comparable.

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