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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

my grandkids got caught up in this they wound up in court this was their option QUIT school or run the risk of being removed from your home. So glad they are done with school there is so much bullying in lawrence schools one event happened right in front of me and school counselor what happened my grandson got suspended for telling kid to leave him alone or he was going to hurt him the other kid said im going to kill you. and nothing was done. home schooling looks better and better now days.

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City planners recommending denial of proposed Menard's store; Planning Commission to debate project Monday

bambam73222@yahoo.comut something there besides menareds like olive garden their are some of us that like it wht put 2 aImilar stres next to each other.

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Letter: Offended voter



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City Commission candidates disagree on how to serve homeless in downtown Lawrence

they are hardly starving free meals at link and salvation army they have access to a hot meal every day of the week. also the penn house, just food, ballard center all have free bread items such as bread, buns, cookies, donuts and other pastries cupcakes, pies cakes so if they are hungry there is plenty out there to eat if their not to lazy to walk and go get it. one lady said she had never seen any one panhandling on mass she needs to open her eyes. one lady that does it wears dark glasses and may have a cane wanting u to think she is blind but she sees better than i do. the last drop in center had lots of problems why go for more of it.

how long can people stay at the shelter is there a time limit. I know their was a couple guys that had been at SA for 12 and 8 years. I think they should have to work towards a JOB and limit it to 3 or 4 yrs.

after volunteering at penn house a lot of the homeless we seen were not from lawrence but had heard that we take good care of them that is why they came here free meals, free clothes free showers, you name it we give it to them.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Three decades of defending and judging those in Lawrence's justice system

he was my husbands court appointed attorney at the time my husband shot our neighbor at 827 walnut (neighbor from hell had been evicted and police had been there 40 times in about 2 wks) after my husband and i talked to him i asked every one i knew for a long term loan to get my husband an attorney that knew something cause clearly this one didn't. So within 48 hours we hired stephen rhudy very good criminal attorney. he may of made a good judge for tickets but i wouldnt want him for anything serious.

sterilization come on now i know many that werent raised well that turned out to be great adults. who knows he may not of been here if that was the case.

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North Lawrence accident leaves pedestrian with serious injuries

i believe the speed limit is 45 thru there he should have crossed at 2nd and lyons at the light. I do hope he recovers with no lasting effects. A few extra steps could have prevented this.

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

To Mr. Smitty.

If you think ballard taking over stopped someone from taking something from the backroom your dead wrong. There are other times when somethings were'nt put out some new items we put with christmas stuff to help at christmas time, we also would put some items back to help people due to fire or other emergencys. Also some sleeping bags for the homeless. Sounds like you ought to go volunteer but then again that wont help i noticed a list on the back donation door of things they dont take car seat for kids being one ????

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

My name is Loretta James I am a former Board Member, and volunteer at Penn House for 17 years and a friend of Linda's since we were 8.

Smitty its people like you that give places a bad name yes we had problems with people taking things from the backroom and they were dealt with that is always going to be a problem you just deal with it when it happens. Dont need you on here bringing it up every other post.

As for Ballard when Penn House voted to merge with Ballard the only thing that was suppose to change was that ballard would receive all monies and pay all the bills and the audit every year. About 2 months later they brought in another guy and made linda director of programming and trhe other guy director of everything else. That was never suppose to happen. But I learned real quick that you cant believe ballard. at that point i quit volunteering.

I feel sorry for penn house clients who sometimes needed just someone to talk to and linda provided that. Can you imagine sitting down talking to Kyle or any other of the guys they have there.

I suppose before long penn house witll be gone and maybe a daycare there.

I hope they can sleep at night.

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

Peaceloveand lawrence I think its a great idea you could call me 785-393-5084 would love to help.

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