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Statehouse Live: Brownback asking lobbyists to contribute to 14 GOP state Senate candidates

If you read one thing in your life read the post of blindrabbit he or she has it figured out. "But the real reason, many Kansas republican voters were co-opted by the right religious wingnuts and fundalmentalists. This has come about because of the shift to a more "Southern" way of thinking characterized by hints of and overt racism, abortion issues, gay right issues, liberal bashing and worst of all, a acceptance of the "Dumbing Down", the darling vogue of the religious right."
Racism see it every day. Abortion issues cuts down their base (More Whites Get Abortions). Let people choose their life style. If you speak up or think you are liberal. Just be because someone says Jesus it does not make them HOLY.

Are we becoming the Middle East? The North Won The Civil War!

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