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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

Give Gill 2 more years and you will then understand. A good friend of mine played 5 years at Nebraska and went to 5 bowl games. Gill is the first KU coach in decades that he would have considered playing for.

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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

Keep Turner Gill. Get rid of Keegan!

I'm embarrassed for the Journal World regarding Keegan's writings about Gill.

KU football has improved under Gill. We just need time and another season or two for that to show up on the scoreboard.

Next years recruits and their parents are watching and will not come to KU if we fire Gill. Parents and kids want to be a part of a Turner Gill program.

We are closer to a Nebraska-like program than it may appear to those like Keegan. As for me, I'm not subscribing or advertising in the JW until Keegan is gone!

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Another sorry trip to Austin

Dont fire Gill. Back him up.

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Another sorry trip to Austin

Give Gill more years to recruit his own players. We need to help future players be assured that we have a stable coaching staff. Otherwise, we will continue to lose good recruits to schools and cities that support their coaches and teams in good times and while rebuilding. I have more respect for Gilll than the reporter who keeps attacking him. If I'm the parent of a top player and Turner Gill is in my living room inviting my son to play at KU, I would feel very comfortable sending my son to play football for such a great guy. One our best players followed Turner from Turner's last coaching job. KU will not get football going again by starting over again with another coach.

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Developer Doug Compton hopes ‘901 Building’ will spur living, shopping downtown

He still reminds me of Woody from Toy Story. Ride em Bulls Eye!

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KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger on football program: 'We will get this thing fixed'

I'm a strong believer in fulfilling a commitment. We gave turner 5 years to turn this program around. Give him the 5 years. Give the families of his recruits the comfort of knowing that the coach who recruited them will still be here next year. We won't be able to attract another top notch coach if KU continues to fire coaches before they even get a chance to recruit 5 years worth of players. Most of these players were recruited by Mangino. Turner had an amazing recruiting class this year despite the mess he was left with from Mangino and he will continue to convince families that their son would be a good fit for him and KU. Give him time to build the program. Remember the Colorado game last year and our first two victories this year. Turner did a great coaching job in getting this team to win those games! Give him more time to put together more pieces to make wins like those happen more often. If we start talking about firing a coach now, the last thing a top notch recruit would do would be to commit to that program. We need to throw even more support behind Turner Gill so that the families of next year's recruits can be comfortable in committing to Kansas!

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Protesters ready for long occupation of South Park

Let's schedule a job fair at the park at the same time and help people get back to work.

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No transparency

Gruber for Governor! Go Gruber Go!

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Lawrence City Commission to review proposal to move historic home at 11th and Indiana

I drove by that house and I would much rather see a fresh new project there built to current safety code than see students live in that junky old house. I don't care who originally designed it or what sports players lived there. I'm all for the underground parking. That sounds like a great way to get some cars off the street and increase parking capacity around KU and the stadium. Maybe those interested in preserving the structure could buy it, donate it to KU, move it over by the campanile, then let the offensive line of the football team live there again. KU sold this property at auction because they didn't want it or place any value on the history of players renting there or they would have preserved it.

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No defense for KU coach Turner Gill

Remember, this is Kansas Football. We have already won more games this year than predicted. We lost to a well funded OSU team this week. There is steady improvement that needs time to show results on the field for KU. Turner should be given the opportunity to work through his full contract terms. There is no sense in paying 3 head coaches at once since KU is still paying Mangino and would need to pay Gill for the rest of his contracted term. Sure, don't extend his contract now but don't cut it short either. Mangino left Gill scraps to rebuild with. We are lucky to have 5 victories in the last two years. Gill's work got us those 5 wins. Give him a few more recruiting classes to prove his worth.

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