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Jet sparks curiosity

It was Doug Comptons new jet that he bought with the money he saved from the recent tax abatements from the city of Lawrence. He forgot to feed the zebra before heading to the game in Omaha so he zipped back to town to feed it.

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Koch Industries executive among new owners of Bella Sera condominium development

It will be great to see that project move forward. It is great to see people investing in Lawrence, KS.

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Developers of hotel at 900 N.H. seeking financial incentives from city

I changed my mind. Compton is sad that Fritzel has Boardwalk (Oread) and Park Place (Eldridge). Compton needs a hotel or he will continue to fall further behind in his Monopoly game.

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Developers of hotel at 900 N.H. seeking financial incentives from city

Our city should not let them out of the special taxes for the parking garage across the street or allow them to get any sort of TIF. If their proposed tenant can't afford to pay for a parking garage, then don't build the building. Maybe Marriott can go into Comptons building across the street when those commercial tenants bail out.

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School consolidation group looks beyond closings

Private schools such as Veritas, Seabury, Raintree and Catholic schools are talking about expanding. Why are the public schools closing while private schools are growing?

What can be done to change this trend?

Perhaps the school district should sell a building or two to private schools?

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Residential real estate market endures dismal 2011

I just checked with a lender and their interest rate for a 30-year-fixed home loan is 3.875%

It sounds to me like prices are at a low for the Lawrence area. So, with record low interest rates and record low prices, this seems like a good opportunity to buy some real estate or refinance and save some money!

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KU incubator space fills up with addition of pharmaceutial company

So Ligand bought Cydex. How did all the local investors in Cydex do on their initial investment in Cydex? Did they make money, lose money or break even? Please research that and please publish the findings! I've heard that the local investors got taken and lost their entire investment but I don't have access to the info to be sure. I believe the public has a right to know!

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Town Talk: New 'med spa' business to open in West Lawrence; home sale numbers still lagging; Sister Cities trip to Greece in planning stages

Hello Chad, could you do a report on that biotech company that KU professor Val Stella started a few years ago and how the investors did with their investment in that company. That would be interesting to know about that Lawrence start up company and what has happened lately with it.

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A familiar foe: KU’s Turner Gill to face off against old boss, A&M coach Sherman

Gill is a first class person who will have improved recruiting classes every year. KU football is going to continue to get better under coach Gill. Look at the scandals elsewhere. Gill will persevere while these other coaches continue to be exposed.

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