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Were you raised by a stay-at-home parent?

My mom stayed home with us until I was 5 and my sister was 3. I don't ever remember her not working, though- when she was home with us, she grew lots of veggies, which she sold to a local market, and we also sold eggs and goat's milk. Sometimes she would clean houses or take care of neighbors' children to bring in money to keep us getting by (Dad wasn't paid all that much).When I started kindergarten, she went back to "official" work as being a teacher. My sister and I both went to the school where she worked, so she was always there to help with homework after school. As much as I hated being teased by the other kids for that, it worked out really well.

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Do you give money to panhandlers?

I have on occasion. Usually I carry some granola bars or other wrapped vaguely healthy snacks with me, and if anyone asks for money for food, I offer them one of my snacks. I have never had someone turn me down for those.My husband gives panhandlers cash if they can entertain him. He especially likes the "Ninjas killed my family, need $ for Kung Fu lessons".

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What do you do to save money when shopping for groceries?

Make a list, shop sales, stock up on non-perishable foods, get seasonal veggies and freeze them, and when I use coupons, only buy stuff I would use anyway. Buying an item just because there's a coupon for it really doesn't save me money.I like the soup/stew idea as well. Currently, I'm stretching some chicken and dumplings- it'll be the third set of dumplings I put in, and the chicken and veggies will finally be gone.

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Pulpit, politics a difficult mix

Let the churches pay taxes and then they can say what they want. Some of them are run like corporations anyway.

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Residents report pet cats being mutilated; police investigating

I am very sorry for the losses of all the pet owners who've had to deal with this. I live around that area and am very scared.Sometimes in the evening (after dark) I've walked near there to get to Dillons' at 6th and Lawrence, and now I really wonder how safe that is.

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Farmers' Market plans 'Great Grill-Off'

Sounds like it's going to be tasty. Does everybody get to try some of it?

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Thankful for T

I like riding the bus. Walking to the bus stop, and then from the bus stop to my job is exercise I desperately need with a job that involves sitting in front of a computer most of the day. And since I started riding the bus, I've noticed I have less stress due to dealing with other drivers. It's kind of nice to let go of that road rage. I'd be willing to pay twice as much to keep riding.I'm not getting rid of my car. I'm choosing to use it less.There's a lot of things my taxes go to pay for that I don't approve of or agree with; unfortunately that's part of living with other people, be it in a city, state or nation. I think it would be a fun, but completely unpracticable, system if each person could select individual things their tax dollars would go towards (property tax, income tax and sales tax).

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Do you enjoy going to the Renaissance Festival?

I usually go, though I enjoyed it a lot more 10+ years ago (especially when KCAI was still involved)- more arts and crafts, better shows and at least an attempt at historical accuracy. I still like going, it gives me an excuse to dress up in a pretty costume another time than Halloween.

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Do you consider yourself a religious person?

Sure, I'm religious. Especially when it comes to the Grand and Mighty Chocolate Ritual.All Hail Discordia!

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How do you think law enforcement agencies could save money on gasoline?

I like the motorcycle idea.

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