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Massages to raise funds for survivors in Richmond fire

Thanks for the info! I'll share that with other friends and classmates!

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Massages to raise funds for survivors in Richmond fire

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the fund raiser tonight!

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Massages to raise funds for survivors in Richmond fire

In addition to massages, we're also having a bake sale- so if you don't have time for a chair massage, stop by and get a scone, cookies, or cupcake! And help Ashley and her family.

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What is your favorite kind of Mexican food?

Chicken molé

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Are You A Sender Or A Receiver?

In college, my roommate in the dorms and I said we were "telepathetic". We could finish each other's sentences, predict where the other would show up, and fairly accurately guess what scores the other would make on tests. I know it was mostly the nonverbal cues, and also being around her all the time for a year. It always struck me as odd that she and I could do that, but my sister and I, who shared a room for the entire early part of our lives, never could.

I periodically have precognitive dreams- they started at about puberty. They scare me, and are almost always useless. Never dreamed the lottery numbers, or stock market stuff. Instead, it's what color socks I'll wear one day, or reading a chapter of a book (that usually hasn't been published yet at the time) or writing down a grocery list. Sometimes they are hard to tell from regular dreams; usually, I think 'That's nuts! That would never happen!'

A couple of times, they have been bigger. When I was 15, I dreamed that a friend's dad was killed in a car accident (the actual dream was my mom sitting me down after school and telling me he had been killed by a drunk driver that morning). 6 months later, it happened. I'd told my mom about the dream- I actually woke up crying from it- and asked if I should tell my friend. She said no, it was just a dream, so I didn't. To this day, I wonder if I could have changed things if I'd mentioned it. But for most people... it's just a dream.

Then just after I moved out here to Lawrence, I had a dream about this couple getting a divorce. I told one of my friends about it, and he thought it was pretty strange. I met them two months after that- they'd just gotten married. Then I forgot about it, for several years. After that, the friend I'd told the dream to (who was closer to them than I was) said it had played out like in my dream. I'd never talked to either of the people about that dream, mostly because I'd forgotten about it. I always wondered if I should have warned them.

I've always wondered about the ethics of it. If I have a dream about something- like someone dying- am I obligated to tell them or their friends/family? Or will this get me locked up in a padded room with rounds of electroshock therapy to straighten out my "delusions"?

I'd love to dream the winning lottery numbers! Or be able to do this on demand.

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Have you ever gone Dumpster diving?

Every year.

I furnished my screened porch with chairs I found by dumpsters. My roommate got a bed frame (just the metal part), and we've found numerous working fans and lamps. Four drawer filing cabinet, bar chairs, utility table, aquariums, working space heaters. Most years, two friends and I pile into my truck and cruise the alleys. The truck gives height to look into the dumpsters without having to actually climb in. It has to be a pretty good find to merit going into the dumpster.

I also have this really amazing pair of Victorian style boots that my mom got dumpster diving when *she* was in college.

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Amyx, Cromwell, Lance Johnson will be the next City Commissioners; Bradford, Sanburn, Byers elected to school board

I try to get all my friends to vote in local elections, but it's difficult to motivate them. This year, I'm trying a new form of motivation- cookies.

I don't care who they vote for. If they vote and get the little sticker, I will give them a fresh, homemade cookie (chocolate chip, or oatmeal raisin).

I wonder if I could start that as a city-wide campaign?

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Would you ever use a walk-in health clinic?

I had a "regular" doctor for a while, but the walk in clinics were cheaper and the doctors and nurses there actually seemed to care more. The doctor's office I used to go to felt like I was just an income source, that no matter what, my insurance would pay them. The walk in clinic treats me like a customer, who if they do their job right, will be a returning customer.

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Affordable Adoptions

It's great to see this! My husband and I are currently going through the certification process to become foster parents, and possibly eventually adoptive parents. The agencies and social workers we have dealt with so far have been very helpful. Sure, there's a lot of red tape, but there's also help that potential adoptive families can get to clear it up.

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Will you change your heating habits this winter?

Space heaters rather than running the furnace. That way, if we're not in a room, we can turn off the heat to that room. I've found that the space heaters work better for that than closing the vents. Putting plastic over the windows that don't have storm windows also seems to help.

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