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Lawrence man arrested in connection with Friday morning shooting


I'm not totally sure how socially responsible it is to post a personal Facebook link to the news article. You may have the correct person. However, there is the possibility it might be a completely different person. Not to say that this will happen here, but there have been too many instances in the news where Internet vigilantism has gone amuck and harmed innocent people.

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Missing hiker at Clinton Lake found in good condition

The woods are too dense; this is the reason why the helicopter thermal camera couldn't find him. You'd have to make it down to the shore or up to the campgrounds to see city lights.

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Missing hiker at Clinton Lake found in good condition

It's not the safest or smartest thing to do, but I have seen people do it. Usually they are well equipped with mobile phones, flashlights, and other essentials.

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Missing hiker at Clinton Lake found in good condition

Clark, that is absolutely correct. Last night I was camping in Campground 1. At about 11:00 p.m. - midnight, I heard a few men yelling as if they were playing 'Marco Polo'. There was lots of whooting and laughter that it didn't strike me as odd, except that it was coming from the direction of Blue, Red, and White trails just south of the campground; the grade between the campground and the shore of the lake is steep. Definitely a tricky area if one has never been there before. Also, the story does not talk about his two friends who went to LMH for treatment--one of the men fell during the hike.

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Kansas attorney general asks state Supreme Court to block same-sex marriage licenses after first wedding performed

Progress toward equality! I am very happy to be a Kansan.

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City researching idea of hanging placards in all 18,000 of Lawrence's rental units

This has got to be the most ridiculous idea I've encountered. I don't want to post a 'city-approved' placard in the nice house that I rent, especially if it is not a part of my decor.

Here is my advice to the city: If you really want to disseminate information, at a cost-effective price, use your website. You already own one. Ask your programmer to write an HTML page (PHP scripts can add a touch of interactiveness to it too) containing all of the information you feel we renters ought to know. You will effectively save the difference between the cost of paying one programmer to upload the files to your site as oppose to printing some gaudy placard and enforcing the posting of them.

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Couple's deteriorating health preceded alleged shooting death of wife

Glenn, I think you hit the nail on the head. If you listen carefully to the current political discourses, people in need are often vilified as being social pariah, lazy, or irresponsible. This is further compounded by legislative acts that cut away or underfund important social services, programs, and safety nets. Hence people in these types of desperate situations would rather hide from the shame that may be placed upon them.

As Leslie indicated above, we need to get more information out -- in a non-judgemental manner -- to those who need it. But we also need to get information out to the community-at-large about how they can help others around us. In the current environment, we cannot simply leave it to local, state, or federal governments whose interests seem to be elsewhere.

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Lawrence Journal-World to move printing to Kansas City Star in January

Although I have only lived in Lawrence for nearly three years, popular discourse seemed to have framed LJWorld as a local/community-oriented business. However, this article -- in particular, its tone and wording -- strikes me as very cold and clinical. The focus seems to be on why printing is being outsourced to the Star: the ending of relationships with USA Today, and industrial trends. Even the discussion of the consequences are very cold: will not impact delivery time, the elimination of 33 jobs, and "no way to sugarcoat this".

LJWorld, what about the humanistic and community-oriented aspect? Have you made any attempts to include these individuals in this change of business model and environment? In other words, are there any attempts being made to maintain these job by reassigning "your good friends" to other duties within the business?

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Johnny Brusco's New York style pizza chain headed to Sixth and Wakarusa

Has anyone figured out what happened to Curry in a Hurry? Their closing happened so quickly with very little notice.

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