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Live coverage of Election Day 2012

Congrats to Xueying Wang! She is Lawrence Habitat for Humanity's next homeowner! So awesome that she's rocking the vote.

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Nick Krug's cats need a new home

Multi -- That picture is definitely not darling Whitney, if that's what you were going for. It's, um, me. :)
By the way -- congrats on the job, Whitney. I'm sure the LJ will miss you!

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Middle school timing uncertain

Okay, wrong link. It's Sorry about that!


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Middle school timing uncertain

kat66044 -- I tweet from an account called LJW6NewsEduNews. You can access it at I tweet live from school board meetings and study sessions and add things going on in education daily.

alm77 -- There are a few schools that use portables. The ones that stick out in my mind immediately are Hillcrest and Sunset Hill. Those actually might be the only two -- don't quote me on that. I'm just trying to jog my memory of each school.

Lindsey Slater
K-12 Education Reporter

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Student test scores going up in Kansas

Consumer1 -- As far as my knowledge, the process for getting children into IEP classes (for children with learning or other disabilities) is pretty stringent. There are evaluations and testing, etc. While schools do get more money for students with disabilities, there's no reason to believe that they plug students there when they don't need to be. It seems to me that the cost of educating students with disabilities is still more than what they receive in funding. While every district in the country wants more money, I can only imagine the penalties of fraud would outweigh the want to stack IEP classrooms!

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Student test scores going up in Kansas

Practicality --
The Standard of Excellence has nothing to do with No Child Left Behind and making progress. The award simply recognizes schools/grades who have a certain percentage of students scoring in the "exemplary" category and less than a certain percentage of students in the "academic warning" category.

The only connection between the Standard of Excellence and "Adequate Yearly Progress" (which is what has to be made according to NCLB) is that they use the same test scores, the state's standardized assessments.

As for as NCLB and AYP (schools love acronyms!), only one subgroup at one school failed to meet the outlined progress this year. Certain penalties do apply to schools failing to meet AYP in consecutive years (like moving students to other schools and closing them), but Lawrence isn't even close to that.

State funding is based upon student enrollment and other factors (at-risk, Title I funds, transportation, etc.) and AYP isn't tied to those monies. More information can be found at, the US Dept. of Education's website.


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Student test scores going up in Kansas

Hi all --
Some of you had questions about the graph vs. the article. To clarify, all Lawrence public schools did achieve at least one Standard of Excellence award in some area. Awards for Schwegler and Kennedy were on the grade-level basis, not the building-wide basis, which is what the graph shows. That's why it's a bit confusing and also why there are no checkmarks on the graph for those two schools. If we would have put every grade level that achieved the Standard of Excellence, the graph would have been monstrous! Hope that helps.

Lindsey Slater
K-12 Education Reporter

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Live from the Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale

Oh Sorrentio -- walked by, but didn't have enough cash to buy anything with the $25. But I know you'd go crazy there!

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Local farmers bringing in a bumper crop of lavender

MeAndFannieLou -- That is very true. I was thinking more along the lines of the purple from Manhattan when I was writing it. :)

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What's your favorite song about heat?

I second that. The NewsCenter debate on what to include was...heated, if you will.

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