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GOP official in new Orman ad in Kansas Senate race

Sandy Praeger is and always has been a Democrat only running as a Republican because other than the occasional governor it's impossible to be elected to statewide office as a "D." She didn't run again solely because she would have finished sixth in a five person primary

She'll sign her D membership card on 11/5.

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Corruption charges can be hard to prove, experts say

So, all of your frenetic faux journalism so far has turned up exactly NOTHING and you run a lengthy article on how hard it is to prove public corruption. Yep, it's damn hard to prove when it doesn't exist. Your premise is a joke when all of your sources arm"unnamed" but all of those whom you do quote state clearly no violations of law have occurred.

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Brownback names new Regents, vows to fight for restored higher education funding

Ms Van Etten is a heavy hitter - Dr. of Audiology - has been a National Committeewoman for sometime - legislature will absolutely pay attention to her.

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