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Faculty group says KU business teacher with Koch ties not subject to academic freedom protection

Typical sybaritic progressive comments here. One set of rules for me, another for thee. Academic freedom is meant to provide a wide breadth of opinion and theorems on all aspects of scholarship. The academy has become so one sided that all philosophies save the most very left, socialist, anarchic, hedonistic, or Marxist are completely absent. Damn you people are afraid of competing ideas. Why?

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GOP official in new Orman ad in Kansas Senate race

Sandy Praeger is and always has been a Democrat only running as a Republican because other than the occasional governor it's impossible to be elected to statewide office as a "D." She didn't run again solely because she would have finished sixth in a five person primary

She'll sign her D membership card on 11/5.

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Corruption charges can be hard to prove, experts say

So, all of your frenetic faux journalism so far has turned up exactly NOTHING and you run a lengthy article on how hard it is to prove public corruption. Yep, it's damn hard to prove when it doesn't exist. Your premise is a joke when all of your sources arm"unnamed" but all of those whom you do quote state clearly no violations of law have occurred.

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Brownback names new Regents, vows to fight for restored higher education funding

Ms Van Etten is a heavy hitter - Dr. of Audiology - has been a National Committeewoman for sometime - legislature will absolutely pay attention to her.

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