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Former Kansas inmate who killed three in DUI accident arrested in Oklahoma on suspicion of drunken driving

It really is amazing to me how some people can be so flippant about other people's lives. I was privileged to know the three beautiful women that this one person took from this world by her selfish acts. They were all vivacious, caring, responsible women and the city of Goodland, Kansas lost a lot when they were taken. They were all mothers, daughters, wives, friends and co-workers. Before you post anymore of how hot this person is, think about the beauty of those she took away. So many lives were affected and changed drastically by her drinking and driving. I do not know what the solution is about arresting and convicting drunk drivers, and keeping them off the road. Each one of us knows people who have been arrested and convicted of drunk driving, yet they choose to disobey the law and continue their habits. My only hope is that no one who reads this article or the posts has to deal with the devastation the families, friends, co-workers and acquaintances of Aileen, Mary and Christie faced in 2005 and still face today. PS: Christie was the mother of 2 young children at her death; who grew up without their mother, thanks to this person.

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