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Zenger: Bowen a 'strong candidate' for head coach

Clint has proven himself. Many recruits have already made comments about how they want to play for Bowen.
It's time to hire Clint!

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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

I was under the impression that having couches on the porch was already against the law. I thought it was against fire codes to have a couch on the porch.

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Higher education budget, new gun law among items to be discussed at upcoming regents retreat

I thought the BoR have no say in any decisions that affect KU Athletics, Inc. I maybe wrong, but isn't that why KU Athletics incorporated in the first place, to be able to make their own decisions that affect KU sports?

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Kansas City man arrested Sunday morning in Lawrence on gun charge

Funny you should say this. I just found out the other day that the old promoter for Last Call will be promoting for the 23rd Street Roadhouse very soon. Should be interesting to see what happens with that venue.

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Costs, scope of proposed recreation center escalate

It seems like everyone is scared about the Next Level Sports Center going into the Legends. If Basketball was going to be supported there, I would be to. If you look at their direction, they will only be supporting soccer and lacrosse.
Lawrence has an opportunity to become a destination for basketball tournaments. The majority of the games could be played in the proposed city facility and the championship game could be played in Allen Field House. Now that would be a draw.

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Kansas boat tax question winning

The boat taxes in Kansas are some of the highest in the country. Too many of my friends register their boats in OK or MO because it is hundreds of dollars cheaper. For example, the taxes on my boat taxes is kansas was stated at $612, MO was stated at $125, and OK was $101. This bill, hopefully it passed, will bring more money into Kansas even though the taxes would be lower. It's a win-win for boat owners and Kansas.

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Boo-boo’d: Chiefs fans jeer injured QB Cassel

I was at the game and I cheered when Quinn came on to the field. Just like everyone else did. I also cheered when Cassel walked off the field. But, just as Jason Whitlock wrote, the Chiefs fans deserve better!! It's time for Paoli, Crennel, Cassel, and Winston to leave and bring in people who care about the fans!

I'm tired about people complaining about chief fans being wrong. We buy the tickets, pay for parking and buy food at the stadium; we definitely have the right to voice our opinions about the owner, GM, coaches and the players!

This is a great read -

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Man pistol-whipped in attempted robbery at The Reserve apartments; two suspects in custody

LOL! "Students are back" How about "looks like someone ran out of money for drugs so they decided to get money the easiest way they know."

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Average ACT score for Lawrence students lower this year

The kids would probably learn a little more if they were not out of school all the time. Half days on Wednesdays and some other days off every month. What happend to the days when school was five days a week, eight hours a day?

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Officers pour resources into underage drinking battle

Wasn't it Mrs. Bob Dole that stuck this legislature on the back end of the highway funds? To get highway funds from the US government the states had to raise the drinking age.

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