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Opinion: Inequality part of freedom

Mr Gurley should stick to his dog stories and not venture into territory he knows nothing about. Although I am not a Sanders devotee he is not the type of Socialist Gurley is babbling about.

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Opinion: Dems take aim at Citizens United

You are right on this comment., Mr Sloat I would add the fact that this flood of money by super pacs is not transparent. That's a real problem. Also, this is not just a Democratic criticism. Republicans , Independents recognize that this Supreme Court decision is wrong-headed.

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Kansas bill aims to ban discrimination against gun dealers

Good grief!! Another stupid proposal. Kinda like that idiot from St John who doesn't want to allow women with too low a neckline or too short a skirt to testify before his committee. We have the most ignorant legislature in the country.

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Oread group again contests city's demands, accuses city of violating state law

It's really a shame that the City of Lawrence keeps entering into binding legal agreements without the proper research. All of us are getting tired of this happening repeatedly. City Managers and City Commissioners have very tough jobs and without proper diligence events like this will occur. I hope this problem will be solved amicably so future development will not be hindered.

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Letter: Wary of vote

Well, it looks like your fears won't happen with this decision. The types of stores and businesses in a new development would make all the difference. Currently there ares no retail furniture business in Lawrence. One just left and moved to Olathe. I'm talking about full line stores. When I moved to Lawrence in 1981 there were four stores uptown and one on highway 10. As a mfg rep I know that. Now only niche stores and decorators. Any new stores which would agree to locate in the development would be making their own decisions based on market research, not opinions. There was a time Lawrence did not qualify for a McDonald's franchise. With each new business added to the Lawrence scene, there is a possibility that they will take business away from an existing business. Those with a good business plan, the right product and price will prevail.

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Letter: Wary of vote

Mr. Simmons, you have a valid point. I was thinking more about general development by using the term cornfield mall. As I remember downtown interests at the time thought that such a development would draw away from existing businesses. You are right that malls have not done well. No one knows that any better than me because I had a retail furniture business in a Parsons Mall during the Urban Renewal period in the early 70s. A mall would not have worked but we have seen that the South Iowa development has been very successful and a further development south of the traffic way would also be a success in my opinion. I just am suspicious of the motive of this decision to deny it. I do take umbrage of your comment that my knowledge of trends is non existent.

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KanCare oversight panel to hear concerns and complaints

The GOP right wing's penchant for privatization shows once more how it usually results in less service and more cost for everyone. Look at the unfunded Medicare Part D as an example. The VA bargains with drug companies for a better price while pharmaceutical interests made sure Republicans passed a drug bill which did not. This has resulted in many cases of citizens being able to go outside the system, clip coupons from the internet and buy their drugs for less money. Until we have a one payer system for medical insurance which is not dependent on an employer based one, we
will continue to be behind the rest of the industrialized world in health care outcomes.

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Letter: Award questioned

You are exactly right. This is a bipartisan award and Senator Dole was able to work with President Clinton. Together they accomplished much. The award was his to make. As far as lies go, it was certainly far worse to have invaded Iraq based on false information with the result of hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths. That was the nexus of ISIS as Sunnis were driven from the government and we now see the results.

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Demolition crews bring down KU's McCollum Hall

Is there sound?

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Letter: Don’t be silent

Got that right, Dennis. Most US citizens are woefully unaware of other cultures. Also, were totally unaware of what Governor Brownback would do when they voted for him. Now they know.

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