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Letter to the editor: ‘Fool me twice’ folks

Mr Wiley, I agree with your comment. I think that the types of people who voted for Trump are correct. As for those who still support him after all he's said and done which are already proven, their sense of decency is different than polls show reflecting the rest of us. As far as the rest of the potentially treasonous acts he's being accused of, the truth will win out after investigator Mueller finishes his work. Former respected NSA Director Klapper just yesterday said that Watergate pales in comparison to what is happening with the Trump administration today.

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Letter to the editor: Trump unfairly treated

Comey liberal? Registered Republican. Hmm

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Letter to the editor: Trump unfairly treated

Mr Collins, legitimate news organizations repeat the facts as reported by sources, many who are and have been in the Trump administration. So,don't shoot the messenger, go after those who are the sources of what you consider erroneous information. Get used to more facts being reported because the Trump administration is a treasure trove of potential illegal activities if proven. The truth will win out. Just this morning the respected Mr Klapper said that "Watergate pales in comparison to what is happening now in the Trump Administration "

I laugh at your opinion that the Democratic Party lost "because of it's continuous slide into immorality" It all depends on your ideology and what you consider immoral. The Republican Party is moral? Bet you will many good arguments as to the immoral acts being conducted by that party, particularly involving the poorest among us.

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Letter to the editor: Trump is the best

I had to blink twice after reading this letter to the editor. I do believe he's really serious and not joking.

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Opinion: Time for Brownback to say goodbye

Take note that there is not a single comment made supporting Mr Summers. Sadly he betrays the fact that he must have voted for Brownback, The Governor who has literally destroyed Kansas fiscally speaking. I really have never run into anyone who is still actively supporting him. Too embarrassed.

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Letter to the editor: Keep guns out

I am under the impression that one does not have to have gun training anymore to carry in Kansas. If I'm wrong I'm sure you'll let me know. Not having proper instruction is a huge mistake. Your earlier remarks certainly don't refer to me. I was a Jr. NRA member and fired weekly, usually being the top marksman. As a Marine Corps lieutenant carried a weapon, firing expert. Have never been "afraid" of a gun. Have hunted a lot. Ms Kumars is right on target with her letter. She has intestinal fortitude to write something about gun control. Takes courage to buck the NRA and it's followers and sure enough, a follower or two popped up. I concur in the banning of carried weapons on campuses. Hopefully the July 1st mandate will be halted, the sooner the better. The danger of carried guns concerns the "unloaded" guns picked up by innocent children, the suicides, mostly by men. (women use other methods usually}And of course the children killed in the crossfires. Wanna know the big winners in this debate? The gun manufacturers and billionaires who invest in them. In earlier wild west days even Dodge City had gun controls for the city. But now, the proliferation of guns in the US is huge. And sad. Well, we won't change our opinions I know. However, just thought I'd plant a different opinion. I understand the weight of public opinion is on my side. Respect it.

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KU basketball player Graham arrested on municipal court charge after team's Big 12 conference win

At first glance it appears ridiculous. Jail for a minor offense. However, if you are in a high profile position it's obvious you get a lot of attention when something like this happens. A very good kid who learned a hard lesson. Hopefully the arrest can be expunged from his record.

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Letter to the editor: Judicial respect

There needs to be an addendum to the last paragraph in my letter. which referred to a time in the 20th century when the judiciary and governing body was ignored. The time I was referring to was in National Germany during the 1930s as well as Italy during the same time period. Anyone speaking up against the tyrant Hitler was summarily executed. Witness theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer's execution in 1945 just before he would be liberated .

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

I thought there would be a no reply from Mr Smith. In order for him to freely express himself the way he did it took many veterans to fight for that right. Mr Trumps canidancy for president should have been immediately suspended after his remark about John McCain and his critical remarks about the Gold Star family. November 10th is coming and I wish my fellow Marines a happy 211th birthday.

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

Mr Smith, are you a veteran?

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