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Letter: Voting guidelines

Phil Friedeman is correct. Excellent letter

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Saturday Column: Kansas voters must consider candidates’ Obama ties

Really one must consider the source when he or she reads Mr. Simon's Sat articles.
This article was even posted on my Facebook page without my "liking it". However, the LJW
Is his paper and he will surely post his beliefs and has every right to do so. He has done so much for our community. Why he sullies his fine reputation with right wing articles is too bad.
I was a friend of Clyde Reed Jr. of the Parsons Sun and he was a Republican too. My father was his Labette County campaign chairman when he ran for Governor. However, in my opinion Clyde didn't go off base like the local publisher. Articles like that should be put on the editorial page.

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Letter: Important election

Joe Douglas is right. This is the most important election in modern history. Vote to remove Sam Brownback and his devastating fiscal,education, and social policies from Kansas.

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Kansas Democrats to fight back on Obamacare

Sorry, meant to post only one reply but inadvertently posted two very similar comments when I thought I was only editing the first. Suggested removal of the first comment. Don't hire me as an IT person for sure.

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Kansas Democrats to fight back on Obamacare

Dorothy, I agree with your comment. Naysayers use fear and lies to back up their opinions. As far as Coventry is concerned it's nice that Ms Ammel had a good experience with Coventry. My wife and I think that Coventry did not do a good job for us. I think the school district still uses them. Co-pays are extremely high and their drug program not the best. We are both on Medicare now with a good supplement which is USAA and that has made all the difference. And horrors, Medicare is a Federal program. But it works. Take a look at what Brownback has done with KanCare and you should shudder concerning his plan to turn Medicare itself over to private companies. What would it be like if he turned Medicare money over to the same three companies in Topeka which has not been able to file a claim on time in any month during the year 2013, quotes Insurance Commission candidate Anderson.

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Kansas Democrats to fight back on Obamacare

Dorothy,, I agree with your comment. Naysayers use FEAR and lies to back up their opinions. As far as Coventry is concerned, my wife and I found it to be a lousy insurer. It's the firm the school district uses and it just doesn't work. We are both on Medicare plus paying for a good supplement and that has made all the difference. And horrors! It's a Federal program. Some day many years from now we will be forced into a one payer system like most of the industrialized world.

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Letter: Put party aside

What an excellent letter, Rob. I agree. I was surprised to see that the governors have been so evenly split between republican and democrat. It is only under this present governor that there has been so wide a political split. Davis and Docking should be elected to end this disastrous 'experiment" by Brownback. The reason there is such a wide split in the republican party now is that moderates were attacked by this ideological administration in such a way that it will be some time before healing will begin to take place.

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Letter: Take responsibility

Mr Woodard's letter is spot on. Anyone who knows math 101 or knows basic economics long ago predicted that Mr. Brownback's "experiment" was financially irresponsible. Sure enough, the latest nonpartisan figures show that we will have a shortfall of 238 million by 2016. And we now have our bond rating downgraded by S@P, the third such downgrade..The other two by Moody's. As far as Mr. Burkhart's comments are concerned, I can only say "There he goes again", per Ronald Reagan. There is a reason why Paul Davis has a lead at the present time. Many prominent Republicans are actively working for Mr. Davis. THEY, as well as most teachers and administrators, and health care workers, know the devastating effects Mr. Brownback's policies have wrought. The real poll will occur in November. This senior citizen, former Marine Lieutenant, KU Business School graduate, and UCLA Graduate School attendee is not a recent graduate like the Mr. Woodard but I have lived long enough to strongly agree with his comments.

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Kansas, Kentucky took different paths on Affordable Care Act — and got different results

Tea Partiers loved to lie about what they called "death panels" in Obamacare. In Kansas we have a Governor who is so callous about his constituents that he is creating his own possible deaths among the uninsured. And this from a self proclaimed Christian.

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AP reporter to join Brownback campaign staff

I would be embarrassed to have to be repeating the misinformation that Brownback is spreading. Afraid his credibility is certain to be questioned.

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