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Senate bill would repeal Common Core standards

Forest Knox is extremely incompetent. Repealing the standards would be a tremendous mistake. Contact your legislator immediately to ensure this doesn't happen. Knox is a wing nut.

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Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

Right you are, Richard. Disgusting that KU allowed this to happen. As a KU Business School grad, I'm offended. Also, why is Judge Fairchild holding up the release of the rest of the information?

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Letter: Smear campaign

Very good letter. Rather than just getting used to it, we need to continually push our legislators to make them aware of how they are affecting our education budget, our arts programs,and funding cuts they have been responsible for by passing Brown back's huge tax cuts for certain corporations and sub chapter S corporations. In this weeks Barron's financial paper, Kansas is described as having a structurally unbalanced budget and ranks 34 among the states in credit worthiness. That's the lowest among all Big 12 members with the exception of West Virginia. Our area Senators and Congressmen know this and are correct in their voting records. In short, they are fiscally conservative, not like the so called conservative Republicans who have been totally irresponsible. Even the esteemed Dolph Simons, Jr., who just received a prestigious Alumni Assn award, revealed in his Sat column that Brownback has made mistakes, needs to admit them, and change course. No, don't just wait it out. Be active and DO something.

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Kansas prisons grapple with 'dangerous' staffing shortages

Fred, how do you think Brownback and his administration can "establish a wage" as you say. Because of his tax policy it certainly looks like some cuts are in order. Do you REALLY think this particular need will be filled before other priorities?

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Saturday Column: Brownback must acknowledge error, alter course

We'll see what these jobs represent soon enough. The bottom line is, I have read no where that the revenue stream will increase enough to counterbalance the huge shortfall generated by Mr. Brownback's tax cuts for certain corporations and subchapter S corporations, Three credit downgrades already. This revenue shortfall will have to be addressed. We'll see how it is addressed soon , Mr. Crow.

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Saturday Column: Brownback must acknowledge error, alter course

This is Mr. Simon's "coming to Jesus" moment. Several of us have written letters to the editor warning about the obvious shortfall coming. Unfortunately, Mr. Simons "moment" comes too late in the game. If he believes that Sam Brownback and his allies will change course in the middle of the stream he is sadly delusional. The day should be over for straight line party voting.

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Letter: Medicare threat

This is a very good letter. Senior citizens should be aware that Brownback and the Kansas Republican legislature wants to use their Federal Medicare funds and choose private insurers to administrate the program ala KanCare which has been a disastrous program. Wake up, Kansans

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Saturday Column: Former Dole director’s Rockefeller book praised

I am so looking forward to reading this book. I was a Rockefeller Republican in the 60s, living in San Francisco, and attended the historic 1964 Republican National Convention there. With dismay and anger I saw Rockefeller get booed off the stage by the angry young right wing Turks. At that seminal moment the Republican Party went astray. Witness what they've become. If Rockefeller were living today my guess is that he would be appalled at what has happened to his party. And Kansas in particular. Sadly, the voters so far have allowed us to suffer crippling education cuts, become the only state in the nation with no Arts funding, and his frankly stupid income tax cuts has already led us to three bond rating cuts by Moody's and S@P. One can only hope that November elections will start us in the right direction. I too applaud Mr. Simons for writing a positive article. The Dole Institute of Politics is a great institution and Richard Norton Smith a treasure.

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