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KU basketball player Graham arrested on municipal court charge after team's Big 12 conference win

At first glance it appears ridiculous. Jail for a minor offense. However, if you are in a high profile position it's obvious you get a lot of attention when something like this happens. A very good kid who learned a hard lesson. Hopefully the arrest can be expunged from his record.

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Letter to the editor: Judicial respect

There needs to be an addendum to the last paragraph in my letter. which referred to a time in the 20th century when the judiciary and governing body was ignored. The time I was referring to was in National Germany during the 1930s as well as Italy during the same time period. Anyone speaking up against the tyrant Hitler was summarily executed. Witness theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer's execution in 1945 just before he would be liberated .

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

I thought there would be a no reply from Mr Smith. In order for him to freely express himself the way he did it took many veterans to fight for that right. Mr Trumps canidancy for president should have been immediately suspended after his remark about John McCain and his critical remarks about the Gold Star family. November 10th is coming and I wish my fellow Marines a happy 211th birthday.

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Letter to the editor: Veterans for Trump?

Mr Smith, are you a veteran?

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Opinion: It's not the 'locker room' talk; it's the 'Lock her up' talk

There is a reason why Bart , David , and Bob's comments have no thumbs up. Fred, you are right. Hard to believe so many people think otherwise. Perhaps they need to go back to school and take another civics course.

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Lesbian pastor, United Methodist Church agree to separation

This ruling makes me thankful I belong to Plymouth Congregational, a United Church of Christ open and affirming church.

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Kansas state senator: School leaders want to oust incumbents

Duh. This idiotic right wing crazy should be worried about many more Kansans than the public school system. What a stupid, right wing idiot. I hope he indeed gets defeated.

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Letter to the editor: Senior service cuts

Thanks for your message. Also, I have seen little publicity locally about the Senior Center on Vermont being lost because of the expansion of the fire station next door. That is not good unless a convenient location alternate plan is proposed.

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Opinion: Inequality part of freedom

Mr Gurley should stick to his dog stories and not venture into territory he knows nothing about. Although I am not a Sanders devotee he is not the type of Socialist Gurley is babbling about.

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Opinion: Dems take aim at Citizens United

You are right on this comment., Mr Sloat I would add the fact that this flood of money by super pacs is not transparent. That's a real problem. Also, this is not just a Democratic criticism. Republicans , Independents recognize that this Supreme Court decision is wrong-headed.

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