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Senate agrees to more money for schools; insists on vouchers, eliminating tenure

Senate wrong in adding vouchers and eliminating tenure. Very wrong. Should have a CLEAN bill

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Letter: Obamacare benefits

Very good letter. There are many more success stories which need to be published. All the right wing does is criticize this effort to enable previously uninsured people to purchase their own plan rather than go to emergency rooms which we all are paying for anyway. There will always be people who characterize government assistance as enabling people to "leach". Reminds me of the 60s when certain conservatives touted the "Cadillac" welfare recipients who were supposedly receiving food stamps who were not eligible. The American health care system in reality has been the best system that money can buy with the poorest results in the industrialized world. In the long run after I'm long gone we WILL have a one payer system. An employer based system will never work.

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Letter: Health mistake

What alternatives, Scott, have been offered to replace the ACA. Yes, occasionally some solon has his own idea but I would be interested in knowing just what proposals the republicans have brought up that are serious and some action has been taken?

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Letter: Health mistake

The Representative's letter represents those who don't want the government in anything. Yet he wants the State of Kansas administrating Medicare and Medicaid. The Brownback administration has mishandled so many things its absurd. Like the mismanagement of KanCare and the shifting of highway funds to pet projects. The refusal of 31 million dollars to set up our own health exchange under the ACA. Those who have done so are mostly successful. Look at Kentucky. Kansas has refused money to finance the expanded eligibility also. And the voter ID program which has left thousands of eligible voters ballots in limbo. He also wants Army Corps of Engineer projects like the successful Clinton Lake project which includes a nice campground run by the State. Ridiculous! I see no proof also that the ACA diverted any money from Medicare . Tea Party types think that when statements are repeated enough times they will be believed. This representative needs to be defeated in November. Don't know what his polling numbers are but I do know the Governor's and they're not good. I will take a responsible person like Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger's word over this Representative's anytime.

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Lawrence Republican Scott Morgan considering run for Secretary of State

Scott Morgan would make an excellent Sec of State. We need to get Kobach out, period. His discriminatory voter's right laws will be the end of his current position . As chairman of the Kansas Republican Party, I believe the party was involved in some fund raising violations.

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Kansas Chamber poll: Taxes, school administration spending too high

There is a reason why the Lawrence Chamber dropped its membership in the Kansas Chamber. It's nothing but a right wing lobbying organization like ALEC, Americans For Prosperity and the Koch brothers.

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Letter: Women’s touch

Liked this article. Main thing I liked was the slam on Brownback and the extremely poor job he's doing as Governor. I also liked the praise of Sandy Praeger, who has worked tirelessly to help the working poor of our state get affordable insurance through the expansion of Kancare. Alas, to no avail.

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Letter: Not comparable

This is an excellent letter to the editor. Our debacle in Iraq far worse because of the new instability in the Mideast as well as literally hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians killed. For better or worse, Iran was also contained by Iraq previously.

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