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Letter to the editor: Change our culture

There are the usual comments above by NRA advocates who love the scare tactics that have been effective for a long time. We did have laws which banned fully automatic Tommy Guns in the 30s. There is nothing in the 2nd amendment which restricts effective gun controls. The fact is, these individuals above are in the minority of public opinion. Most people including many NRA members plea for effective background checks, an d common sense gun regulations. We have far more guns circulating in the US than other civilized countries and we also have far more citizens killed because of that fact . Also, I understand that most of the weapons are held by a minority of citizens who stockpile them. Gun manufacturers are having a field day now as the issue is discussed again. Look to Australia which has effectively cut her death rate by guns dramatically by passing effective gun regulations. Of course I would never endorse the extreme rules by Japan but that has reduced their gun deaths to less than a few each year. I am a Marine Veteran and have hunted, fired expert in the Marines and when a youth belonged to the Jr NRA and competed each week, usually getting the highest score. I would never condone not complying with the 2nd amendment. But use some common sense, people, and help stop the senseless killing of so many Americans, especially our children. This slippery slope business is BS. I see that Florida just passed a measure. Hopefully things are beginning to change. It will be a campaign issue this year.

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Letter to the editor: No decency

This letter writer knows about the origin of the comment too. However, the point is that certain ultra conservatives are trying their best to make some connection to the FBI with the intention of discrediting them in some way when the final report is issued by Mueller.
Unfortunately, there are many Americans who are into conspiracy theories and will believe almost anything to support their cause.

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Opinion: A Trump prophet who nailed it

There are a number of us who predicted Trump's behavior, too. The disturbing thing is that he still has his supporters. Thanks to them we have in office this disgusting man.

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Opinion: Can’t kick Kansas around anymore

The Trump Administration has made the same ridiculous mistake Brownback did. Only citizens happy about this bill corporations and huge estates. This bill will cause untold harm in future
Years. Can’t wait to canvas my neighborhood next year

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Letter to the editor: Party destruction

Curious, Mr Summers. You don’t think 🤔 McCain a patriot. Did you serve in the armed services of our country?

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Editorial: Kobach is not doing his job

He is running for Governor. We should defeat him soundly in the primary and certainly if he makes it to the general. He's worthless. He mishandled the Republican Party when I believe he was either state chairman or had an important Republican state job. He's smart, that's for sure. But dishonest. Tried to get by code requirements for his house in Douglas County. And as for illegal voters, that has been a farce. Few found.

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20 GOP lawmakers from Kansas attending ALEC convention

What is really disgusting is that Kansans are funding attendees to this convention. The article states from $525-$775 taxpayer dollars per ALEC attendee goes to them. Where's the outrage? Actually, because many probably don't know.. Where are the so-called Republican fiscal conservatives voices for fiscal sanity?

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Letter to the editor: Secret legislation

Mr Starnes forgets that there was at least a year of open hearings about Obamacare while there were none in the Senate version which really isn't a health care bill, only a transfer of wealth from Medicaid to mostly the richest among us through tax cuts. Also , the Obamacare bill was originally conceived by Republicans. As far as bipartisanship, you're not going to get that with any bill. Some day there will be a single payer system, but that's probably decades off.

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Letter to the editor: Witch hunts

The word witch hunt was used by Nixon and his cohorts as he was being investigated. I believe Mueller is respected by both Democrats and Republicans. And it hardly is a so called witch hunt when at least 17 respected intelligence experts have shown evidence that Russia did indeed try to influence our election. But the real reason why Trump is scared of is the trail of money that will be shown which will lead directly to Trump investments with Russian oligarchs. Same thing with Kushner.

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Letter to the editor: ‘Fool me twice’ folks

I amend my statement. I think obstruction of justice is the big issue under investigation by Mueller and the most likely to be proven.

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