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Letter: Money talks

This grandmother's lament is on target. This state is going in the toilet financially, educationally, it's arts, and its infrastructure with it's constant raids of the DOT funds. And
nobody is stemming the tide.

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Westar asking Kansas regulators for $152M rate increase

Terrible news. Our electric bills hovering around $200 now. I hope the regulators will take note of the high Westar bills now and refute this unfair increase.

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Big 12 commissioner issues public reprimand to Kansas State over Monday's court-storming incident

The wildcats won the ball game against Kansas but lost big on the court of public opinion I understand other schools who have rushed the court after games but have been responsible are concerned that there will be legislation disallowing such behavior.

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Editorial: Who’s absurd?

This Virgil Peck of Tyro is generally known to be totally ideological and not the brightest bulb in the Administration. How in the world does a guy like this be nominated for such an important committee? At least in the US House of Representatives the jerk Huelskamp was stripped of his position on the Farm Committee(a slap in the face of a farm state) Now is not a very good time to live in Kansas. How will we be able to entice young people to move to this state when we have such an anti-education administration?

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Kansas Senate bill would negate $1.4 million for schools OK'd by Lawrence voters

Ty Masterson, Chairman of the committee is a political hack. I understand he graduated from Augusta High School but there is no evidence he has a college degree. Now it is not legally necessary to have a college degree to make the complicated decisions affecting our children's educations, but in his case he is making wrong headed ones.

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Kansas Senate bill would negate $1.4 million for schools OK'd by Lawrence voters

Mr. Holroyd, if you live in Lawrence it is obvious how you voted in the special election.
I disagree with you vigorously and am proud of my yes vote. Ty Masterson of the House is one of the worst legislators Kansas has. He has a record of long standing opposing funding for education. As does the Speaker. I suggest strongly that each and every Lawrence citizen who supported the yes vote contact their legislator and the Governor immediately!!!

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Senate bill would repeal Common Core standards

Forest Knox is extremely incompetent. Repealing the standards would be a tremendous mistake. Contact your legislator immediately to ensure this doesn't happen. Knox is a wing nut.

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Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

Right you are, Richard. Disgusting that KU allowed this to happen. As a KU Business School grad, I'm offended. Also, why is Judge Fairchild holding up the release of the rest of the information?

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Letter: Smear campaign

Very good letter. Rather than just getting used to it, we need to continually push our legislators to make them aware of how they are affecting our education budget, our arts programs,and funding cuts they have been responsible for by passing Brown back's huge tax cuts for certain corporations and sub chapter S corporations. In this weeks Barron's financial paper, Kansas is described as having a structurally unbalanced budget and ranks 34 among the states in credit worthiness. That's the lowest among all Big 12 members with the exception of West Virginia. Our area Senators and Congressmen know this and are correct in their voting records. In short, they are fiscally conservative, not like the so called conservative Republicans who have been totally irresponsible. Even the esteemed Dolph Simons, Jr., who just received a prestigious Alumni Assn award, revealed in his Sat column that Brownback has made mistakes, needs to admit them, and change course. No, don't just wait it out. Be active and DO something.

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