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Demolition crews bring down KU's McCollum Hall

Is there sound?

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Letter: Don’t be silent

Got that right, Dennis. Most US citizens are woefully unaware of other cultures. Also, were totally unaware of what Governor Brownback would do when they voted for him. Now they know.

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Letter: Don’t be silent

Knowing Edith Guffey, her faith, and her credentials, I put a lot more faith in her opinions than the smattering of citizens who commented who follow in line with the right wing of the Republican Party which spreads fear. There is no comparison with how the United States vets refugees with the vetting which has been done in Europe.

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Letter: Voting issues

Something is wrong here. Kobach and the far right Brownback administration are the ones responsible for suppressing voters rights, not Paul Davis. As a former respondent said "where is your proof?" You have an opinion which doesn't make sense. Case closed.

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Editorial: Lie confirmed

Is there any doubt who wrote this editorial? The same man who endorsed Governor Brownback. So much for his credibility. As he ages, his takes become more extreme. So, don't take him too seriously, folks.

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Who's leading the Kansas Legislature? Despite huge majorities, GOP leaders mired in division

Pitiful, isn't it? Kansas is a failed State that's for sure.

May 29, 2015 at 5:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas Gov. Brownback signs bill asserting legality of fantasy sports

Whoopee. Our august legislature passed something. Forget the importance of it. How about reversing the huge tax cuts which have put our state in fiscal jeopardy? Kansas. It's an embarrassment now under Brownback and clueless right wing politicians.

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Letter: Socialistic move?

?? So, what's your point and what does it have to do with Justice Matter's effort to help the homeless and people with mental illness? Not criticizing your Biblical beliefs, just the point you're trying to make and how these comments are germane to ecumenical efforts to solve a big problem we have in Lawrence.

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Letter: Tolerant view

Regarding Mr. Barnes comments, I say Amen. I have always felt the same way but was really afraid to say anything because I would be getting into the thicket of religious views. However, I urge religious diatribes be confined to Sunday school class. Do people really think that one's religious views can be changed by debating them in the public forum? This writer is deeply skeptical.

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Letter: School attack

Agree wholeheartedly with Mr Heckler Some of the comments reveal many people have bought Brownback's and Koch's privatization plans

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