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Unique mix of old, new keeps 156-year-old Weaver's department store in business

Weaver's is a great store. I have lots of good memories from the old fashioned elevator run by an operator to the great toy dept. (I think it used to be in the basement). I hope Weaver's continues for another 150 years!

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Thousands mingle with livestock, celebrities at Mother Earth News Fair's first stop in Lawrence

I wish I could have seen Temple Grandin. She sounds like a fascinating person.

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What is your favorite scary movie?

Rosemary's Baby

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60 years of shenanigans at Johnny's Tavern

Question-Does anyone know why the beer mug on the sign got painted over? For years it looked see thru with bubbles in it-like a real mug of beer. Always thought that was pretty cool as a kid. Probably just got old and had to be painted over.
I went to the Perry Pub once and an older guy sitting at the bar told me he went there because there were only 3 stop signs between his house and the bar!

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Summer road construction a necessary evil for Lawrence drivers and businesses

I may be wrong, but I believe a construction worker was struck and killed by a driver here in Lawrence a few years back while working the night shift. It is no doubt more dangerous for the crew between the change in lanes, traffic cones, darkness and equipment.

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Summer road construction a necessary evil for Lawrence drivers and businesses

It seems to me the Iowa street project has gone smoothly. They are making great progress working every day with little I interruption to north and southbound traffic. It could be much worse and it is good to have roads in good shape. I think the city has done the best they can to make the least amount of disruption for drivers. They could have waited till August 1st to start. Then it would really get interesting!

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Letter: True champions

We've come a long baby, haven't we? I ran on a cinder track in Junior High (if you fell down---Owwee!) and lifted weights made of cement in coffee cans and metal bars. We had fun! Our sweat suits were gray or.....gray. Congratulations to the KU Women's Track and Field Team. We are very proud of you!

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KU Med Center researcher among scientists studying mice following 30-day space orbit

Cool! Did they wear tiny little helmets too?

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CEO Gene Meyer honored for leading Lawrence Memorial Hospital to success

Excuse me-Nurses don't clean, change and turn patients?!?! Give me a break...

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Gift to help put 'name and face' to cancer care

Well no wonder she is wearing such beautiful jewelry! Thank you to the Walshes for such a thoughtful, generous gift. This program will benefit so many cancer patients and their loved ones for years to come.

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