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Keegan: Arrowhead aside, MU simply better

It looked like Missouri did a good job of preparing for the game. They used their talented quarterback to skillfully pick apart the Kansas defense in between the coverage zones in the secondary of the Kansas defense. The Kansas team did not make enough adjustments during half time to put a stop to this opening in the secondary coverage, allowing Missouri to continue to score in the second half for the win. (Actually it looked more like Missouri 'survived' because the clock ran out on KU's come back attempt late in the 4th quarter after they figured out how to crack the Missouri defense in the second half).

The Kansas offense did come alive when they figured out that throwing long is Missouri's weakness and KU showed that they could readily beat Missouri's defense with this strategy. The first half KU repeatedly tried to throw short and run through Missouri's defensive line without much success, and then KU started to put on the points rapidly by putting the ball in the air down field late in the game. Momentum went heavily toward KU late in the 4th quarter after successful long passes, but unfortunately too late in the game to recover.

Hopefully KU will learn what worked for them in this game and what didn't, so it doesn't happen in future games. I believe that the Kansas football team had the best team, but didn't show it until the 4th quarter when they discovered the weakness in the Missouri defense.

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Do you prefer paperless transactions?

Cash and barter is the only way left now to be able to perform a confidential or private transaction. As soon as you "swipe a debit card" or write a check or use a credit card, everyone knows what you are buying and how much you paid. Nothing is private using a card, but digital money corporations like to make it easy and convenient so you will easily and voluntarily give up your freedom of privacy in transactions in exchange for the convenience and ease of just swiping a card.

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Moore presses to expand visas for foreign workers


The limited senario that you describe may be true for a very few high end jobs, but not for the vast majority. If a company would work with these colleges by putting their new employees in the training areas needed for the job, instead of a complete degree (which almost no job requires a complete degree to perform the job); they would have plenty of very talented employees in this country at less expense and risk to the nation. With companies operating on foreign workers, they put our government and country at risk by not developing the talent within this country.

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How much consideration do you give to third party candidates?

All you need to know for the next election is that Ron Paul is running for President. Vote for him if you want the United States of America restored to it's former glory.

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Moore presses to expand visas for foreign workers

If there is a crisis of talent for companies in the USA, then companies need to start making training available again for the people that are already here in the USA that want the jobs but don't qualify, instead of bringing in foreign labor and destroying the middle class of this nation.

Companies have purposely made qualifications too rigid for people that have been in different lines of work before to convert over with company training, into the open positions. Instead, congress has listened to companies whine to allow foreign workers to take American jobs through H-1b visas. Tell Dennis Moore to support USA workers instead of bringing in foreign workers to take American jobs.

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Should the state make kindergarten attendance mandatory?

No. For the State to "mandate" anything is not good or within their jurisdiction. The State is here to serve all the people of Kansas, not mandate things for the people to do. People should always maintain the freedom to make their own choice for their own children or for religious reasons. The State does not own your child, why would it be legal for them to mandate something for a child that does not belong to them? Would you want your neighbor making internal decisions for your family matters because the neighbor thinks you are not able or it would be good for you? I think not.

Do they ask such questions to see just how many people will actually fall for this stuff? Come on people, wake up and act like you have some backbone to make your own decisions for your children.

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Should City Hall raise court costs for offenses other than traffic and parking tickets?

Why should one have to pay more for the Judges' retirement fund?

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Sebelius leads push for 'green' power

Magnetic devices are the best option for the future. They don't need wind or sun or acres to operate. No pollution or heat generation.

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What do you think is the most viable source of alternative energy?

Magnetic devices are likely to be the best answer for the future. They don't need sun or wind or acres of land to work.

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City's smoking ban upheld

If non-smokers voluntarily attend a place where there is smoking permitted, and they decide that the smoke is a hazard to themselves, they should just leave and attend a place where there is a non-smoking environment. Non-smokers wishes should not be forced on everyone by a city/state government. It is bad law. I am a non-smoker.

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