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Energy efforts

Solar panels and wind power are both expensive and not very efficient. Wind only works when the wind blows. Solar only works during the day. Both are expensive solutions and the power collected must be stored in batteries or some other way which is also very expensive and must be constantly replaced. However, new technology is emerging all the time, but it doesn't seem to be coming from our overfunded colleges. It is coming from the individual inventor which is not funded at all. Seems the small inventors should be rewarded and funded rather than big land deals for wind or solar or colleges that aren't producing new energy technology.

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Minimum wage proposal fails

Wonder if there is a list of companies that are just paying the state minimum wage or below the Federal minimum wage? If so, it should be published to publically shame them into paying a fair wage to their employees.

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Westar volunteers to cut CO2 emissions

Persue permanent magnet motor power generation.

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Disability backlog creating hardship

This process shouldn't even go to court. If a doctor says that your condition meets the conditions for disability, that should be all that is required if you have a social security number. Why should you have to go to court to prove what a doctor already knows? Worst case, a second doctor could verify that the conditions are met. That way, you don't have someone that has no knowledge of your condition in court just making a blind rejection because it's your first try at a disability claim. This appears to be the current practice, and probably part of the reason there is such a long backlog of cases that haven't even been looked at.

Or the government shouldn't be taxing you and promising benefits that aren't really going to be available to you that you have been forced to pay for, which you may never be able to collect if needed.

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Which GOP candidate would you like to win in Kansas?

I like the answers that Ron Paul has for our political, national and international problems. Ron Paul is the only candidate that has a real fix and well thought out answers that will work. He does not endorse the United Nations for world government like our current congress does by passing treaties that we would never approve of. Huckabee would be a second choice, and the democrats just want to be elected for "change". The democrats just don't bother to tell you what "change" would be, and how they want to change. People assume it will be for the better when they vote for them, but it almost never is for the better but rather more toward the UN and it's policies of world government and control (just like most of the republicans, like John McCain). But the democrats (to their credit) do seem to support workers and fairness in the workplace much better than the republicans.

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Do you think the state should require blood tests at the scenes of major accidents?

There are already plenty of laws in place to enforce against drunk driving. I agree with the answer above, that it is a violation of the fourth amendment. The State and the media shouldn't even be talking about it as a possiblity since it is clearly a violation of the fourth amendment.

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Do you agree with a statewide smoking ban?

The government does not have the authority to make a state wide ban being in the form of a Repulic. This would be nothing more than a raw power grab. (We are not a democracy, but a republic, which means no mob rule or majority rule, but the minorities are also protected in favor of freedom). Even if they did make this bad law, it would be impossible to enforce. It would be a bad and worthless law. It would only end up inviting the government to intrude into your homes to enforce bad law. (Violation of the 4th amendment at a minimum).
I am not a smoker. If you don't like smoke, go where you can breathe fresh air and stop your whining. There are plenty of places that you can breathe smoke free air already. Don't try to unjustly award government more power than they should have by pushing a smoking ban that would be bad law and invite government intrusions and conflicts with citizens.

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Do you think police should be able to pull over teenagers for not wearing their seat belts?

"radiohawk (Anonymous) says:

The State shouldn't be involved in this, at all."

I agree with radiohawk. This is a bad law pushed by insurance companies. I side with the 4th Amendment.
Not in fear of a law enforcement officer, using a seatbelt law for a fishing expedition to find something wrong to write a ticket for.

It is your personal responsiblity, not the government, that is responsible to ensure your basic safety.
If it was law enforcement's responsibility for your safety, you could sue them when they fail to protect you. Many people seem to have this misconception that the government is going to keep you safe and is responsible for your safety. The truth is that you are personally responsible for your own safety, not a police officer or the government.

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It's the money

Many of the jobs that are available out there have an excessively high qualification level that is designed to match foreign trained students qualifications rather than those people locally available. The example of teacher hiring in Wichita and Topeka is good example of this manipulation. "This year, Wichita hired 30 teachers from the Philippines and Topeka hired 18." The companies in the USA need to do more "on the job training" to bring up our local talent and stress excessive qualification less, and not rely on College training only to fill a position that does not really need this level of training. Most companies use the qualifications to limit the number of applicants for a position rather than actually needing that high of a level of training. Some companies also promote using high qualifications to show that the company tried to hire locally, but just couldn't find the local talent. This is done to allow H1-B visas for cheap foreign labor to save the company money and utilize a global slave labor force.

The economy is weak and sick because companies have exported US jobs to countries with much lower wages that don't have many jobs, but the people have a College education proviced by their government. Our government has allowed corporations to do this to put profit ahead of a good economy. So pouring more money into the teachers pockets is not going to fix this nations problems.

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It's the money

One big reason that there is a shortage of teachers is because of over regulation by the State. The regulations and requirements on teachers that public schools would consider hiring has reduced the available pool of people who could actually do the job, simply because they don't match up with all the regulations placed on the position. So a large number of people are never even considered for the position. The State has regulated themselves into this shortage of teachers. It's not just about money only, but all jobs should pay a fair livable wage.

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