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Too nasty

Good letter. Someone needs to start a progressive Lawrence newspaper to compete with the LJW. It is too conservative for Lawrence.

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Brownback signs order to eliminate the Kansas Arts Commission

Best comment on this article and 100% true!

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National debt should alarm U.S. public

Our President (yes, he is yours too unless you are a treasonous traitor) knows that the debt limit has to be increased so that the US doesn't default and lose our credit rating. This is the only rational thing to do and you'll see that even the Republicans will vote for this.

Once our economy heals, we'll see balanced budgets from Obama. As Clinton proved Dems know how to balance the budget. Unfortunately, modern day Republicans (Reagan, Bush I, Bush II) have proved over and over again that they don't know how to balance a budget.

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National debt should alarm U.S. public

Any President that would have been elected with half a brain would have spent in 2009. The Stimulus Bill and Bailouts saved our economy. If it wasn't for this spending we'd still be in a Great Depression. It would have been just as bad as 1929 with 50% unemployment and bread lines. Bush left our economy in this horrible condition.

Obama isn't a reckless spender. Once the economy gets better he'll balance the budget.

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National debt should alarm U.S. public

Yes, our national debt is a huge problem. But where was this article when Bush was starting two wars while also giving rich people (like Dolph) huge tax breaks. Our modern day conservative, Republican politicians are fiscally irresponsible. They don't know how to balance a budget but they sure know how to cut taxes (particulary for the rich and corporations). Reagan started us down this road to huge national debts and Clinton was our only recent president that reduced the deficit.

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Brownback skips Lawrence on state tour

What's the Matter with Kansas?

No need to read Thomas Frank's insightful book. The answer can be summed up by "Sam Brownback"

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Senate confirms new Kansas U.S. attorney

This is good news. Congrats Mr. Grissom!

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Flawed reasoning

The Republicans shoot themselves in the foot out of shear stupidity. Awesome.

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