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Kansas hiker settles bill for rescue

Its true! Thanks kayakncolo! I looked it up,
I think 25cents is worth helping a state with a high tourist rescue rate. Good to know!

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Officials tour potential biodefense sites

yes, please go away! Kansas doesn't need any more jobs! Our economy is a pristine example of how all economies should function! Jobs in our vicinity SUCK!!!

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Wal-Mart settlement plan approved

I plan on shopping everywhere but Walmart, like I do now.
I don't like that the city of Lawrence can say which businesses are allowed and which aren't, that seems biased and corrupt.
If I don't agree with a businesses practices and ethics, then I don't shop there. Hopefully everyone will follow those same methods and show Walmart that local success is far more important to the people of Lawrence.
P.S. Location and convenience really shouldn't matter too much. Lawrence has a lovely bus service if gas prices are too high to shop at locally owned businesses.

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How did you choose your career?

A speech pathologist can do a lot with a master's degree. It is a great profession that can help all people from birth to well, death. They help children with developmental delays who for some reason haven't learned how to talk at the same rate as their peers. They can help children with Down Syndrome, cleft palates, etc. learn to overcome their disability and talk as their peers do. They help people of all ages who have stutters or suffered head traumas and have affected their speech and cognition. Not just how the words are said, but how the concepts are perceived in order to give a coherent thought. They very frequently help people who have suffered a stroke and those immediate and lingering effects.

However, if for some reason in your last year of your bachelor's degree, you decide that this profession may not be for you and you tend to spend more time working and paying your nagging bills instead of getting that 4.0 gpa then you are screwed. You no longer have the option of going to graduate school no matter what the circumstances or letters of recommendation may be. Schools apparently only look at gpa alone and nothing else. And since the undergraduate degree is a program I don't have the option to retake classes to up the gpa unless I begin the entire program again.

Can you tell I'm upset with this system and am feeling a little lost??

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How did you choose your career?

Speech Pathology

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How did you choose your career?

I recently found out that my college degree is worthless, which is probably why I'm stuck in the job I have at the moment. It seems my career is to be constantly searching for a new one! I suppose you could say I chose my career by jumping!

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Do you go to the dentist on a regular basis?

Don - I actually saw Mr. Boog the last time I went to the dentist. He was getting his teeth cleaned in the chair next to mine. I was feeling very proud because my dental hygenist was raving about how great my teeth looked, while I could hear Boog's hygenist lecture him about regular brushings and floss. I couldn't help but giggle a little.

By the way, I'm a very good six month patient!

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KU plans to make an entrance

How necessary is another gateway? I know that donors can earmark money for specific purposes, but spending that much money on a bunch of bricks is insane. Especially when KU claims to be short of money and needs to raise tuition and cut programs.

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Does it feel like the first day of spring to you?

Having crazy weather is one of the things I LOVE about Kansas!! Isn't it awesome when you get that unexpected two or three day vacation because of an icestorm in April?? I agree with Neo though, the news people can never enjoy the weather.

I have a beef with this online newspaper though. I have no problem with my internet connection loading any other website, but I can't read the news! If I'm lucky I can get the headlines to load, but it takes several minutes for the story to load. I'm a little peeved their webmaster can't do a better job. At least I'm myself today though! (It was fun to invade other names though)

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Would you be more likely to watch the Kansas City Wizards if they moved to De Soto?

My comment was so clever too! Now I can't even see it! At least trinity is a good name to post under

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