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Another Jefferson County resident dies on U.S. Highway 59, south of Oskaloosa

Seat belts could have made all the difference with both of these fatality accidents, but there must be something wrong with this particular stretch of highway to have two people die within 0.3 of a mile within one week.

Is there going to be an investigation into what is happening right here?

It's usually a far safer road than Wellman.

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Agencies seeking donations to help Lawrence family of 11 whose house burned

Let's just be glad no one died in the blaze and not focus on how many children they have. It's really not of our business, is it?

For all we know they may be raising kids for other family members.

Incidentally, someone spending 650,000 per child through their college years sure isn't clipping their coupons. They must be on a different life-plan than the majority of my friends.

Good luck to the Guillory family. They're lucky to live in a town where a lot of people care.

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

You can imagine why these homeowners don't want a firing range right next to their homes. That sounds really unpleasant.

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The Boy in the Attic: De Soto mother Rachel Perez discusses horrific child abuse case

In the third video clip, the little boy's name hasn't been beeped out.

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Brandon Simmons, Jason Jeffries sentenced to two years probation, must repay thousands of dollars in KU ticket scandal

This is so disappointing all the way around. These men should have known better. It's also disgusting these slicksters were pulling in annual salaries in the 140k range and *still* felt the need to cheapen the name of KU basketball in such a way. The average salary of tenured professors in Liberal Arts and Sciences should be adjusted up to this rate to reflect the tireless enthusiasm they show dedicating their professional lives to teaching the next generation of thinkers. Mind-boggling.

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Lawrence district's first black teacher shares experiences of racism with elementary students

Here are some additional resources if you're interested in African American history in Lawrence.

LANGSTON HUGHES IN LAWRENCE: PHOTOGRAPHS AND BIOGRAPHICAL RESOURCES by T. F. Pecore Weso and past poet laureate Denise Low-Weso, which you can find here:


Or, NOT WITHOUT LAUGHTER by Langston Hughes


There's one copy of the Weso book available for check-out at the library right now, and 5 copies of the Hughes.

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Did Tyshawn Taylor just get Pipped?

I am sure this is all very clever stuff, but I had to re-read the first few grafs several times and I'm still not sure what's happening.

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What should the penalty be for people who text while driving?

Ok all jokes aside, seeing this short doc will help convince people re: texting while driving. Warning: it's not uplifting. Especially important for teens to see it, so feel free to share, or you can easily find it on Youtube by searching for "The Last Text."

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Lawrence nurse returns to Haiti along with One Heart Ministries International team to provide medical care to those in need

Great work, ladies! Not many are willing to make the personal sacrifices you have, risking life and limb to bring healing to those in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. I'm guessing the work you've done will have long-term reverberations you can only guess at.

It sounds like there were a few scary moments, and it's heartening to think that return trips may be planned despite the lack of safety guarantees.

Ignore the naysayers--the world needs more people like you.

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Brownback proposes phasing out state funding for Kansas Arts Commission

This is really bad news for Kansans. It is really important for folks who care about the arts to stand up and make their voices heard as soon as possible. Follow this link to get details on how to contact the governor's office: http://bit.ly/fLN1mx. You should take a moment right now to email the governor's office here, governor@ks.gov . Here are useful phone numbers as well: Voice - 877-KSWORKS (877-579-6757)
Local - 785-296-3232
For the Hearing Impaired - 800-766-3777

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