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Have you considered using only a cell phone for service opposed to having a cell phone and a landline?

Would not consider using a cell. I will never, never understand those who need to keep in touch 24/7. I actually saw someone using a cell while driving a motorcycle the other day and no, it was not a Harley, it was a riceburner.I get phone service though ATT and because I qualify for their lifelife service, I only pay around ten dollars a month, and that includes the long distance that I use.You might call ATT if you don't know about this.

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Police investigating deaths of two men found near Amtrak station

Could this be the same Sarah that I was in the shelter with me about four years ago? She was a feisty girl always standing up for her rights. Another woman I knew was hit by the train and two others were found dead in parks. It does seem like more homeless women than men die. This is not necessary as there are places that will help them, but they have to get it together and obey some rules. We have to accept that others are not clones of us and therefore will not think and feel like us.God gave people free will, we are going going to take it away from them.It is a hard road for a lot of people out there and they need our prayers and the support we are able to give. Then we have to stand back whether we like it or not. But, please, keep on trying, I now have a life and a home, so the next person you turn your nose up at may end up the same way as I if you don't give up on them.

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Police investigating deaths of two men found near Amtrak station

I have spent six months at the Salvation Army shelter. The people who ran the place worked very hard to help the homeless and sometimes they were repaid for their efforts and sometimes not. There were people there that I really hated, and others that I really liked. It is though the Grace of God that I am not still homeless. I got help though Independence, Inc. to regain housing. Several of the women I liked at the shelter are now dead and I could be dead too, but I am not. I don't know why it turned out that way, but I know it is not because I am superior to them or more deserving than them. Everyday, say to yourself, "there, but for the Grace of God go I." An be grateful.

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One person killed, two people injured in serious K10 accident

Do any of you people bother reading an article before you comment on it? It says clearly that Keeton was trying to pass a limousine, and I think it is a reasonable guess that he simply misgauged how close the approaching car was, or how fast it was coming. It also says that Keeton was not wearing a seat belt. The two who survived were. I don't think anyone deserves to die for being stupid, (not wearing a belt), but unfortunately that seems to be the number one cause of death among humans.PitBull Grandma? Give me a break! Am I the only traditional Grandmother left in Kansas? And why do you people use use weird names when you post?

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No rags to riches

Obama's grandmother, who is very ill and should be respected, is proud of the man she helped raise. They share the same value system. I hope she lives long enough to see him elected. Michele Obama is a smart and classsy lady, quite a contrast to Palin. Emily, you sound like a smug elitist. What do you mean you would be the only "good" parent providing health care while all of those ill kept children with "bad" parents are causing sickness. Maybe they should think about segregating schools on a class level. Then people like you wouldn't have to worry.

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Catholic archbishop gives moral guidance on election

I am proud to be Catholic, and I love the Church, but listen to me closely, I make up my own mind because I live in America, not Rome.It is a very, very small percentage of priests who have committed outrages against children. The others are teaching the love and the gentleness of Christ, and yes, they are teaching to forgive and not to judge.

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Catholic archbishop gives moral guidance on election

I am a Catholic who has advance voted for Obama. I don't like scare tactics no matter who they come from. Please remember the Church is huge with a lot of people and a lot of opinions. After all the Church did change its ruling about Galileo. All priests are not child rapists, now that is prejudice to write that.

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What time of the day do you normally exercise?

I find it shocking that you think that 26% is higher than 33%

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What will you be focusing on in tonight's vice presidential candidate debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin?

The reality is that Palin is Goldie Hawn on steroids, remember Laugh-In anyone? I said it before and I will say it again, this girl is just not bright. She is not qualified to be or do anything.As far as her being the mother of several children, one with special needs, what has that got to do with anything? As far as her daughter is concerned I know as a parent and I think we all know that you can talk all you want to your children, but when they are old enough to go out on their own they will make their own decisions, unless you intend to sit in the back seat on every date.These two are not intelligent, they are not articulate, they are not literate, they are not qualified.

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Should crimes against animals carry the same penalties as crimes against humans?

Some of these postings make me ashamed to be human. Maybe I can pretend I am from another species, maybe Vulcan.It is morally wrong to deliberately hurt any living thing. There has to be a way to stop people from doing this. I believe humans and animals to be equal in the rights to life, safety and well being.I am a vegan because in the world we live in here in the US it is not necessary to kill animals for protein. Soy works quite well.Enough of the cracking wise. Time to get serious because this is a serious issue that is only going to escalate as time goes by and the criminal is not caught. The person will become jaded with what they are doing and try to think of something more extreme to give them that little thrill they are looking for in this way.

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