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Celebration penalty costly for K-State

The fact that the rule is enforced inconsistently and the definition of said rule isn't clear, meaning it just depends on the referees interpretation of what the rulebook says, is why players do it. What they have been allowed to do all season is now a flag in one game that he plays in. By the rules, its a flag if the player draws attention to himself, meaning a player could just stop and stare into the crowd by himself for a couple seconds and its flag worthy. Its a bowl game thats been a shoot out and the ref decided how the end was going to play out, watch the Washington game with Jake Locker a couple seasons ago. He rolled into the endzone stood up and threw the ball behind him, just getting rid of the ball not celebratory in order to celebrate with his teammates and he gets flagged for an excessive celebration penalty. Let the boys have some fun, supposed to be the time of year they played all season to get to why ruin it?

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Stanford ends UConn’s streak

Theres no way you can compare their record to mens records because if these women played against any of the D1 Mens teams in NCAA whether in the 70's like UCLA or any decade following to this date there would be no streak to talk about. No comparison to be made, not sexist just fact.

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Educated guesses necessary

So you will admittedly vote for some steroid users but not others? For what reason? All the players you mentioned have denied their use of steroids but... "I’ll vote for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens without hesitation when they become eligible." Inflated offensive numbers? You mentioned Roger Clemens, you're telling me his pitching numbers(and career) weren't inflated by his use of steroids? Are you going to tell us next that its natural for a persons head to grow by multiple sizes in correlation to their muscles, like Barry Bonds did over the course of his career? Or that Barry Bonds numbers weren't severly inflated by steroids use? Wow..... One of your worst articles by far. Go back to Baltimore Keegan, you deserve to be in the east coast with the other biased sports writers, where you're little blips on sports go right in-line with every other writer for every possible newspaper and magazine.

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Call it like you see it: K-State got jobbed in Pinstripe Bowl

Jobbed! Unquestionably jobbed, "wrong choice, buddy" why else would the ref say that to the player?

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Self reflects on heated victory against Cal

Watch the tape Trob got the first T for turning around his solid frame that was more than a half foot taller and 50lbs heavier than dude from Cal that was a b**ch all night. Only reason that dude went to the ground was cause he was blocking Robinson through the paint, out of bounds with elbows in his back well after the play had finished and then wrapped his arms in Robinsons when he raised his up making sure the refs saw he wasn't doing anything. Then to T him up on the scrum, when he was the one with both hands on the ball and getting jacked in the face. The refs were at fault for all of this by letting Cal be chippy and overly physical from the get go. Game is over and we got the W maybe not the way all these "classy" fans think we should have but we dont get respect from any area of the country except the midwest so im glad there is some fight in this team.

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Self reflects on heated victory against Cal

Beating up a woman? Are you serious? He did beat up the dude, raw-dogging his girl but I suppose you would have too much "class" to do that walking into that situation. Not saying him laying his hands on anyone else was right especially chasing the girl like he did thats where he messed up but until every aspect comes out there is a reason HCBS has not CJ Gilesed or JR Giddensed him yet.

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KSU donations up

Do you mean UK as in Kentucky, or KU as in Kansas??? Either way the comment doesn't hold a lot merit considering the article said nothing about how the program is being run...

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Selby's eligibility in question; freshman's mom: ' ... I don’t foresee any problems at all'

Every college chases "that" kind of player because for the most part the one and dones have proven worth it! We lost a championship and had to steal one from
the teeth of another in the last 10 years and that's just KU! Do you realize how many one and done players KU has landed? One, which was X just last year, B-Rush was supposed to be 1 year and we got 3 years and a championship from him. You never know what's going to happen once they get to campus, but Blake Griffen Michael Beasley Derrick Rose John Wall Carmelo Anthony.... All needed to be recruited, ALL ONE AND DONES!

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KU men to open Big 12 season at Iowa State

Wow, pathetic attitude.... Don't want to except the crushing defeats with glorious wins? Then pick another team.

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Striking a pose: FSHS boys surprised to see benefits of yoga sessions

I have nothing negative towards Yoga, I think it's a great activity to add into normal training regimines(pilates would transfer over better in my opinion) but it's the last piece to add in for an athlete. Again you are looking at something that's done in a 6'x1.5' space to crosstrain for a sport that uses 30x that space. Also there is little to no impact in yoga nor is there high speed contact or any contact for that matter, plyos and power lifts are the best option to crosstrain for any athlete that has the components of impact and speed in their sport. Active flexibility is a great thing that the yoga will help them with but in soccer there are no held positions where flexibility comes into play(again why pilates would be the better option, since movement is more constant)! I realize this is additional to their normal training, which is what? Sport specific drills and running with OPTIONAL weight training? This is probably their one of very few crosstraining aspects the team does. As a PT you should look into Gray Cook or Mike Boyle, I can tell you they would go more high-intensity functional training that transfers DIRECTLY to what the athlete needs for his or her sport. As a trainer and crossfit athlete ill tell you the last thing I want in my routine is something that doesn't transfer directly to my sport or specific needs when there is a better option. Not buying the head coach argument, there is a reason they hire a "strength coach" (not a physical therapist!) to strengthen their players outside of the head coaches "sport specific" training. Again good idea just mis-placed in my opinion. Haha on your falling and having the "flexibility" to handle it without injury, could it be body awareness in time and space? Sounds like a possibility......

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