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Senator says Stegall swearing in timed to avoid vote

This is Kansas for you! If the vote isn't going to go your way, move the issue around to avoid any vote at all! That's how it works in Brownbackistan. I expect a Koch amendment to do away with any vote but a Koch vote soon anyway. Luckily I'm outta here soon...off to bluer pastures. I've had enough of this red pasture.

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Library unveils winning designs in banned books trading card project

Lynn, the library is not banning these books. These are books that have been banned through history. The library and the artists are celebrating these books because (in general) these books are no longer banned. Many are now even taught in schools whereas before, they were banned from schools. The idea is to bring attention to books that may have been censored at one time or another. The idea is to raise awareness that through history great books like these are being banned for reasons that may be may or may not be offensive. But that each reader should be able to decide rather than have someone censor the book so NOBODY else can decide.

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Church battles local hunger with food fight

Nothing fights hunger quite like wasting food! Of course churches are well known for their opposite-of-logical approach to life.

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Bob Dole, Eisenhower’s granddaughter join Brownback’s re-election team

I just lost all respect for Bob Dole. I guess his apparent ethics of years past were just a sham. Go figure! Just another GOP old, rich, white guy!

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Lawrence man, among the few ticketed for Fourth of July fireworks, awaits his day in court

You consider it a "freedom" to discharge explosives that have the ability to destroy a neighbor's property? Is it also a freedom to break into the police station to free prisoners and steal weapons on Bastille Day?

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Lawrence man, among the few ticketed for Fourth of July fireworks, awaits his day in court

"the rockets' red glare" comes from a song about a battle in the War of 1812, not from the American Revolution. The War of 1812 was over British trade restrictions and America's desire to take Canada from Great Britain. Had nothing to do with our independence!

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State education board seeks $656 million funding increase

Really? I LOVE the questions before an article. They are completely irrelevant and sometimes I like to lie in my answer in hopes that I'm skewing somebody's research/marketing project. In fact, after I answer the questions and the article that I was looking for pops up, I find myself wanting to answer another irrelevant question!

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Kansas Action for Children criticizes Brownback's plan to divert funds from children's endowment

Does Brownback think that being elected governor of the state gives him the legal power to do whatever he pleases? Many of his ideas border on criminal! Are there not checks and balances in this state that are looking into the legality of his actions? Stealing from children is illegal for anyone else in the state. Why is Sam not being investigated for this? If I said I planned to take 150 dollars from a few children to help out my financial situation, I'd be put in jail! Why is Sam still walking the streets?!?!

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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

Looks like Brownback's follies are starting to show their effects! Cities in Kansas seem to really be suffering through the past couple of years.

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KBI arrests Franklin County sheriff and deputy on obstruction of justice charges

Where can we see the complaint? Is there a link in the article?

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