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The iconic “Home of the Chesty Lions” sign has found a new home at Lawrence High School. On Monday m

Big thanks to Tom Bracciano and his staff for doing such a great job! This is so timely too since our class will be having our 30th reunion on June 16. Classmates coming back to town will be able to swing by and check it out in person.

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Bill would allow guns on campus

Why does the proposed bill not allow concealed weapons in the State House, Cedar Crest, etc.? Change the bill to allow them, drop all the security (saving the State $2 million plus a year?), and let the Gov/legislators defend themselves as needed. I don't see why the campus should be open like the wild west while legislators continue to not get to carry! This is a really bad bill but if they want to do it why stop it short?

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City prosecutor reveals details of Mario Little's diversion agreement

No matter how hard he abused the girl it's too bad that not much is happening to him. This kind of higher profile case only encourages more women to not get out of abusive relationships. What's extra bad about this case is that, IF he beat her as bad as it sounds (third hand) then it's troubling to think of him back representing KU in a KU uniform. I'd like to know if the NCAA will allow KU Athletics Corporation to pay for Little's costs associated with this including any hush money to make it go away.

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