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Plans for new downtown hotel and apartment building shrink

I know a lot of you think the neighborhood is being overly sensitive. But I took a walk along RI street a few weeks ago, for the first time in 20 years. Not only are some of the oldest houses in East Lawrence in that block, but the neighborhood has really been fixed up. Gone are most of the dumpy, rundown houses. The block shows real pride of ownership now and is something to be proud of. And, looking between the buildings towards the proposed hotel, you do get the feeling that a big hotel would be out of place, casting shadows on some of the coolest of the buildings (like the Social Service League), and just dwarfing everything. So I now agree that more needs to be done to mitigate the hotels impacts.

Suggest you all go for a walk along the 900 block of Rhode Island before commenting further. Oh, wait, that would take'd rather just post blah blah and whine and complain about the dern gubmint.

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Bill Self meets with President in Osawatomie

I still don't know what Bwahaha means....

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Bill Self meets with President in Osawatomie

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency"

1.) Being in charge for 3 years in the worst economy in 70 years would give anyone whatever experience they needed.
2.) His staff all has LOTS of experience, especially with the economy, because almost all of them served either in the governments of other presidents....some under the Bush Administration.

But regardless, this was supposed to be a fun SPORTS story, not another downer political negativity hatchet job.

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Social service agencies dispute Douglas County census poverty rates

Firstly...if you don't know how to spell Dupe, why should we believe anything you say?

Secondly, which system do you accuse poor folks duping? And why?

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Development plan would replace mobile home park near 31st and Iowa streets with apartments

So, where do 300 low-income folks go, exactly? No one cares, of course.

It costs about $4K to move a mobile home, and that's if the home is in good enough condition to be moved.

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Topeka mayor opposes domestic partner registry

It's TOPEKA! What do you expect from the home of Fred Phelps? Seriously: I'm impressed they are even considering a registry.

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Team Rubicon’s military veterans stand ready to help community

I don't get it...we already have such an organization. It's called the National Guard.

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Regulations can reduce risk of deadly explosions at grain elevators

What, wa, wa? Regulations are Job Killers. We can't have more regulations to protect workers or the environment! That will Kill Jobs, at least that's what all 10 GOP presidential candidates say, without any evidence whatsoever (and in spite of evidence quite to the contrary).

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Increasing Amtrak use in Lawrence cited as good reason for city to buy depot

Wow no posts yet that read, "I don't use it, so why should I pay for it?"

Like the T and the airport, whether you use them or not, Amtrak and the depot are part of a transportation SYSTEM in our town. A modern transportation system for 100,000 people has to include ALL elements, not just cars.

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Redevelopment of Poehler building in east Lawrence could cost city $1.3 million

You name it and the posters here will hate it for you. Doesn't matter how good the idea.

Fortunately, most of you don't live in the city and do very little except complain.

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