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Pooch Plunge 2014

Sad my pups missed it. They were really going to love going. When I looked it up, I read it was today. Guess I must have found an old article from a previous year. Looks like we will just go to the lake instead :(

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K.C.-based Mexican restaurant coming to old Carlos O'Kelly's spot; food truck battle may be brewing; study finds Lawrence not very average

I am so excited to hear that Mi Rachito is coming to Lawrence! I have to say it is probably one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in KC and every time I ask when they are going to open one up in Lawrence! Yes they did have the situation a few years back with the waitress poisoning the salsa, but that has long since been taken care of and could honestly happen at any restaurant.

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Woman has life-threatening injuries after accident on K-10

I was driving that stretch of K-10 Saturday and while it had not been snowing for very long, the roads were becoming slick quickly. Between KC and Lawrence I saw at a number of vehicles who had run off the road. None were at locations of the cable median barriers and all were able to safely reenter the roadway without any damage (Just imagine if they had hit the barrier and how much damage it would have caused!). Now for the vehicle with injuries, I hope everyone was okay! The crash was located on a bridge (first part of roadway to become slick) and while I cannot say if the driver was speeding, I know there were many different speeds among the drivers on K-10. This crash would not have been prevented if the bypass was created nor was it the roadway's fault. People need to quit blaming everyone else and start taking responsibility for their own actions.

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Do you plan on attending Saturday's KU football opener against South Dakota State?

Only KU games I watch are when they play KSU!

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Old Navy confirms it is closing Lawrence store

That's really sad to hear. Old Navy doesnt have the greatest quality of clothing but they are inexpensive and have larger sizes unlike those overpriced stores on Mass. This is the only clothing store I shopped at in Lawrence...looks like I'll be spending even LESS money in Lawrence and heading to KC!

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How did you hear about Sept. 11? What do you remember from that day?

I was a sophomore in high school. I remember I had just finished up with weights class and was in the locker room changing. I decided to check my phone and my mother had sent me a text about how a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. So I called her and right then she told me how the second aircraft had just hit. Throughout the day some teachers would discuss what was going on but most tried to ignore it and continue on with "normal" class.

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Do you use a Mac or PC and why?

My personal computer is a Mac and I absolutely LOVE it! Have never had a single problem with it since I got it. I have a PC at work and it does what it needs to. Some programs are not compatable with Macs still.

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Town Talk: New Chinese restaurant to open in former Peking Taste spot; July home building numbers hit new low; more on area gasoline prices

Yesterday I bought gas in KCMO for $3.58 and then found out it was $3.45 here in Lawrence. Every so often gas is cheaper in Lawrence than it is in KCMO...

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Injury accidents gnarl traffic on three highways

Add another crash to that on K-10! WOW

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