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Charges won't be filed in fatal bike-truck collision at South Lawrence Trafficway

Please KDOT, rework this intersection before any more people lose their lives here. Clearly, this is a bypass for a major highway. The intersection is crossed by many parents, children, groups, walkers, etc. We need more done , like a bridge, even a foot bridge would help.

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Renter beware: real estate scam surfaces again

This scam happened to my deceased parents home which was for sale last year in Lawrence. Imagine our surprise when someone who knew our family called our agent to let her know about the agents own pictures being used on a house-4-rent scam. In fact prospective "renters" showed up at the house when the agent was there. Very disappointing for them to find out the house was not for rent. I emailed the scammer myself, asking how I could see the house. I was sent and application form, and told mail $$ along with it to hold the house. After complaining to craigslist several times, the rental ad was deleted. Realtors need to be watching all the time for this kind of activity. I think there is a way for them to "lock" their advertisements/pictures so they cannot be stolen.

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Taking a Neanderthal out to coffee

I know someone (unidentified of course) who looks more like a Neanderthal than a human. After meeting him 40 years ago, I had often wondered if the Neanderthal and humans had interbred. On January 9, 2013 PBS had an hour documentary about the Neanderthals, titled Decoding Neanderthals. Very interesting hour, and it also talked about the Neanderthal genome showing the interbreeding with humans around 60,000 years ago. It is episode 644 if anyone cares to try to get it. I recorded it, watched it twice, and plan to watch it at least one more time before I erase it on my DVR. Interesting subject for sure.

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Tenants to Homeowners files plans for independent, senior living project in south Lawrence

Affordable housing is always needed, especially for Seniors who do no have a pension and only rely on Social Security for their needs. I suspect there are many in that predicament today. The southern proposed area is also close to 23rd, 27th, and 31st which all hold many stores to visit. But isn't this the area where someone started fires a year ago or so? I have not seen in the news lately about fires being started in that area, perhaps the person was arrested on a different charge, and is still in jail. Just wondering.

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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

The City hasn't decided when to begin enforcing the ban. Instead, they will do educational effort, especially in student neighborhoods, to gain "voluntary compliance". Now where have I heard that one before? Perhaps in WWII?

Hey here is what I suggest to impress the Commissioners: Everyone in Lawrence who has a front porch, carry that living room sofa out and spend the evening sitting on it. Talk to the people who walk in front of your house with friends or pets. You would get to know all your neighbors that way. You might enjoy the experience. Wouldn't it be fun if all the front porch home owners planned a "sit out" day?

Anyone game?

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: The comfy confines of a porch couch

My front porch is filled with one newer metal/wood bench with arms, two old 1940's metal chairs from my grandpa's house, and an old, old metal glider "sofa", all metal. My husband repainted the chairs and glider. I found a "sofa" cushion that seats 3 for the glider and two cushions for the chairs. Two rugs line the newer bench, for comfortable seats for the dogs. Anyhow, all the cushions come inside when we do, to keep dog hair off. All the "furniture" can be hosed off, to keep clean. And the seating is very comfortable, due to the cushions. My house is over a hundred years old, never had a front porch until 2006 when we added it. We wave at every car and person that happens by, and they wave back. CITY OFFICIALS WAKE UP. Front porch living is here to stay !!!! Revolts will happen everywhere in town if you try to change this one. I found a way that works for me. Now it is upholstered couches that may be banned, and when will it change to include my upholstered cushions on a metal sofa? Just try to make me take them off my front porch Commissioner Boys. You will have a mad, mad old grandma to kick you in the b*"" , off of my front porch.

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Driver cited for leaving vehicle in Douglas County construction site

Well maybe "leaving the scene of an accident" and "failing to report and accident" are better citations than "DUI"? I'm just saying. Don't know for sure.

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Longtime Lawrence resident creates bandana to commemorate 150th anniversary of Quantrill's raid

He looked this good in our Kindergarten class too. I remember.

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Indian tribe that purchased North Lawrence property involved in casino-related lawsuit

I think you are right Bucky. I remember seeing my parents home abstract, it was off of 24/40 highway between Lawrence and Tonganoxie, it mentioned Delaware land deeded out.

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