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Tax calculations

Word through City employees is that Corliss is threatening to cut employee benefits should the sales tax issues fail, because he feels special interest groups will force his hand to fund transit. He has apparently indicated he would cut benefits to employees to make up for the difference in the budget. "F" transit and Corliss' empty threats. Vote NO!

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Defendant sentenced to five years in prison for man's beating death

Attention criminals and potential criminals.......Come to Lawrence and be rewarded for your crimes by the champion for criminals Chuck "tough on crime" Branson. This is really embarrassing. For those of you who live in Douglas County you should be trully ashamed of your criminal justice system, or lack thereof.

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No charges expected in July motorcycle accident at 23rd and Iowa streets

Chuck Branson is an idiot and a worthless District Attorney. You splatter some poor soul all over 23rd and Iowa and have no consequences for your actions. This motorcyclist was killed due to the inattention of a professional truck driver. Hold him to a higher standard for christ sakes.

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'Yes for Transit' is rallying cry to save T

Vote NO. Anyways, by the looks of it, most of the T's clientel could use the added exercise.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

F'ing hilarious, a bunch of cops get free tickets to stand in the middle of a bunch of stinky, burnout dopers and listen to crappy music that only makes sense if your high. I think the cops would go for it. Brilliant idea Blessed, f'ing brilliant.

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Baldwin City man jailed on aggravated battery charge in connection with neighbor's shooting

McKenna, while heading up the investigation from his Wichita home, and his keystone cops will bungle this slam dunk case and the guy will walk. You watch.

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Local police have own cyber-crime fighters

Smitty, you're still an idiot

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Police, city talks reach impasse

Smitty, your'e and idiot

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Protesters march to Burger King in support of Fair Food

I am all for respect and a living wage.........If your boss treats you like "s" and doesn't pay you worth and "s", go work elsewhere. That's the great thing about the US, there are opportunities abound, even for our migrant workers. Hell, the guy that cuts my grass makes 30k a year and has health insurance.

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