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Editorial: Medicaid fraud

What should be noted in response to Mr. Braziller. The Medicaid audits he complains of are actually conducted by the Medicaid program. The Attorney General's Office Medicaid Fraud and Abuse division deals with proving actual fraud in either civil or criminal court. The Attorney General's Office does not conduct audits.

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Ceremony to remember unique Lawrence figure

I remember my mom and dad telling me about Leo when I saw the plaque outside of (whatever Tellers was before it was Tellers). My mom lived for a time near Leo's family out by Lakeview and my mom would go there from time to time. When I noticed last year that it was gone it was kind of depressing. I'm very glad someone has done something about this. Much like my mom and dad, I grew up in and around Lawrence. It was a real shame to see that somebody had the idea to remove that landmark from Mass. St.

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