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Lions, Firebirds volleyball fall at sub-state

Looking at the record as reported by the only source I could find on the net - MaxPreps:

LHS Varsity VB Record 2007 - 2012
Percentage of wins
2007: .154 [Maguson's First year]
2008: .263
2009: .500
2010 .381
2011: .450
2012: .485

The trend has been up since 2010 but still under .500 which has to be frustrating for both the team and the coach. If the record as reported by MaxPreps is wrong the coach should correct it online. If it is right, then either LHS did not have a pool of good players, the coach is not getting the most out of her players, or a mix of both. If this record is right then some post season reflection on how the season might have gone better and what can be learned for the benefit of future teams is in order, possibly even a change at the top.

From the posts of some of the parents, a lot of positives things were learned by these players off the court that had nothing to do with the final score. That may mean the parent(s) who was(ere) unhappy with the season needs to redefine "winning" to those things that their daughter learned off the court, since the leadership is unlikely to change in the near future. Then too, it's only a game.

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