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Judge declares mistrial in 2012 manslaughter case

This is a sad story. It is asinine that Zimmerman would walk after shooting an unarmed teen, but that this young man is facing a manslaughter charge for taking a defensive posture during an old-fashioned bar brawl. Ridiculous.
I did not know either of the men involved in this fight, but keeping up with the news on it has astounded me. I mean, I could see if Justin Gonzalez had a record or had been in similar types of trouble before that there may have been a need to take this case further... But from what I can tell, he seems to be a pretty good guy and has been his whole life!?
And, as a 14-year military spouse, I feel the need to say, based on relationships with the war veterans in my life, just because he was a war veteran does not mean he was a great man. Unfortunately, service members, especially those who have had to serve for so many deployments, often lose their "greatness" due to the trauma of war. We, as a country and society, do a terrible job of taking care of our service members post-deployment, and, as a result, they oftentimes end up participating in or committing horrendous acts of violence.
Also, as a 14-year military spouse, I am so sorry for the loss the Sardina family is experiencing. It is completely unfair and heartbreaking. They say time heals all wounds, but I don't really believe that. I think there are wounds that will always hurt a bit, more than a bit at times. This is just plain ole sad, heartbreaking pain. The thoughts and prayers of many are with you.
Finally, I do not see how convicting Justin would alleviate this family's pain or otherwise further justice in any way. I'm really hoping the system works this time. Gonzalez family, the thoughts and prayers of many are with you.

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