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Preventing HPV

I read the case during law school while doing research on rape in Kansas and it so sickened me, I have never forgotten about it even though law school was 20 years ago.

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Preventing HPV

Stinker: I think you are being mistreated here and I, for one, appreciate the time and effort you took to post the safety tips. Who is too smart or too old for safety tips? I wish someone had been more protective and helpful to me when I was a girl and needed to learn these things. Would it have prevented my rape? No, it would not have, but still...I think your heart is pure and it's not so strange for people to not know that rape is about control. There are so many mixed messages in the media, especially television and movies, with respect to sexuality and control.

But with respect to skimpy outfits or overtly sexually appealing women, I would say to those who think this is a factor: don't forget that very old women are raped all the time. And very young women, too, for that matter. I have read a case about an 18-month-old girl who was raped by her father's poker buddies and she trailed a bloody diaper as she looked for help.

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Preventing HPV

Imastinker: "Date rape" is merely another term for "acquaintance rape." I cannot believe you would be so literal minded to believe that date rape must happen on an actual date. Using your logic, girls and women should not even attend coed social gatherings as that is merely putting yourself out there to be potentially raped. Take it from a rape survivor: there are very few fool-proof ways of living. Putting the onus, even a little, on rape victims is over the top.

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Christmas split?

Xeno said: "I basically feel sorry for Jesus, but - had I the foreknowlege and opportunity - I would've gutted Paul and left him on the road to Damascus."

This was my biggest laugh of the day! How true! I would imagine Jesus would be aghast to see what madness Paul has caused.

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Christmas split?

What's the big deal about Christmas? It's a really fun, colorful, crazy time of year. Watching the shopping madness makes me glad I'm a Jew, but you don't have to be a Christian to enjoy the festivity of the season. Many Jews perform public service on Christmas because we know our Christian friends are busy that day. And like it or not, Christmas is as part of our culture as Thanksgiving these days...why not enjoy it? You can put the Christ in Christmas or you can take him out. Personally, I think he'd like to be out, but that's just as one Jew to another.

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U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution condemning Israeli offensive

Xeno said, "American Jews should take the lead in steering a new course for America inre Israel. If their primary loyalty is to the United States - and not Israel - they should recognize the weight of negatives America bears needlessly for Israel, and allow us to withdraw our support for the Jewish state."

I am loyal to the United States, but recognize that in the event of another Holocaust, loyalty to Israel is necessary to my very existence. Jews learn the hard way that we cannot depend on even our countries of birth to defend us and make sure we're not put in cattle cars or turned away in our ships as we attempt to dock on "safe" shores.

I am not going to get dragged into this fight again. That's it folks, from the Jewish contingent.

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Stephan questions Kline fundraising

Christians? That's the whole point...why do we even known Phill is a Christian? No offense, but I'm really so sick of hearing about people's "Christian" ideology.

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Stephan questions Kline fundraising

Animal: "PK has done a good job of aggressively prosecuting criminals. That's the job of the attorney general."

No, animal...he hasn't done a good job. And that's the main thing.

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Faith forum: Is it OK for a person of faith to be friends with an agnostic or atheist?

Don't forget, Helen: it's a mitzvah to make love on the sabbath.

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Kansans speak up for state English

Maybe we ought to press the legislature to vote on an official syntax since so many people (rightly) pointed out the horrific structure of the headline!

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