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Wichita minister frightened by death threats

The police and telephone companies should still be able to trace the calls, regardless of whether the caller selected to block their number on caller ID.

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Lawrence gets inch and three-quarters of rain Thursday

Want to view a bunch of rain totals around the country? Go to

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Ballot law was meant to prevent swapping candidates

Better the State supreme court decides it than Kobach. Kobach has a clear conflict of interest.

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Earthquake may have been linked to oil production

We're going to write a big article and put it on the front page of the website just because a small earthquake *might* have been caused by man made activity, but we have no evidence to back that up except that it has happened a few times before.

In all seriousness, why is this even posted on here?

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Tardy legislator denied pay, granted mileage

If he cleared his schedule for the entire day, why was he not there on time?

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Moran and Jenkins join majority in voting to reopen government, raise debt limit

Good for Jenkins for realizing that the shutdown was not a good way to fight the ACA/ObamaCare. I only wish Yoder had seen it the same way, he comes from a more moderate district. No big surprise that the others voted no though.

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Sen. Roberts calls on HHS Secretary Sebelius to resign

None of your examples had nearly as many serious problems/errors like is facing. I've been trying to get a working profile with verified identity on there for a week now and still hit a variety of errors and blank pages. Others I know that have tried have encountered similar problems.

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KU moves step closer on proposed $65.7 million business school

Anyone who's looked at or been in Summerfield knows that it is a sad excuse for a business school building in the modern age. I'm just sad I'll be finishing my MBA long before the new building opens.

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Police investigating shooting in parking lot of Lawrence McDonald's

Don't they have the cameras to catch car license plates leaving town on 6th at the light at Stoneridge?

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Tornado watch issued for Franklin County; hazardous weather possible for Lawrence

Hazardous weather outlooks are always issued for an entire NWS WFO (Weather Forecast Office) area when there is any threat of any type of damaging weather regardless of how small the threat is or where in the forecast area the weather is expected to occur.

This means that if the Topeka WFO expects storms near Manhattan, Lawrence will be under a hazardous weather outlook, but does not necessarily mean that Lawrence has a threat of hazardous weather.

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