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Kansas Turnpike’s 1st high-speed toll lane opens between KC, Lawrence; equipment can read K-Tags at 75 mph

Welcome to the modern world... Colorado has been doing this for years. However Colorado's toll prices per mile are also sky high compared to KTA.

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'No excuses': After accident that left him paralyzed, KU student living college life at fraternity house

Glad to see a positive story about Fraternities. Having been a member of one in college, and still active as an advisor, I see the enormous amount of good they do in the development of college students. Unfortunately the poor decisions of a few are what everyone pays attention to.

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Lawrence home sales tumble as number of homes on the market hits new low

In May, the number of homes on the market dropped to 260, down from 249 in 2015 and 451 in 2014.

249 is lower than 260... maybe 349?

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City manager refuses to make decision on $1 million police over-hire, sends it to City Commission

I thought 911 staffing was handled by the county, not the city. I don't think it's part of LPD. I might be wrong though.

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Washburn University fraternity suspended over text messages

Why is this news other than the fact that it involves a Fraternity, a popular media target? Maybe it would be if the texts indicated that some sort of assault took place, but there's not enough detail to tell.

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Brownback focuses on 'crisis of the family' in second inaugural

Glad I moved to Colorado.

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Wichita minister frightened by death threats

The police and telephone companies should still be able to trace the calls, regardless of whether the caller selected to block their number on caller ID.

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Lawrence gets inch and three-quarters of rain Thursday

Want to view a bunch of rain totals around the country? Go to

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Ballot law was meant to prevent swapping candidates

Better the State supreme court decides it than Kobach. Kobach has a clear conflict of interest.

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Earthquake may have been linked to oil production

We're going to write a big article and put it on the front page of the website just because a small earthquake *might* have been caused by man made activity, but we have no evidence to back that up except that it has happened a few times before.

In all seriousness, why is this even posted on here?

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