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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Just as others have said, this will be my last post. Say goodbye to the intelligent, thought-provoking comments as those with professional identities in the community disappear. I will not be linking a Facebook account (real or fake) to my LJWorld account. Those willing to create a fake Facebook account are going to continue posting the same comments they always have, and those who don't care if they are identified by their real name when posting opinionated statements will continue to post as they always have. You may have fewer insults (which you are able to remove anyway), but you will also be left with comments of little substance. Why wouldn't you want discussion from those in the community who wish to remain anonymous solely because of their professional status? I supported the annoying Google surveys, but I will not support this. You've gone one step too far, LJWorld.

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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

FarleyM - that makes perfect sense. KanCare glitches are EXACTLY like Apple's glitches... only we are talking about the welfare of PEOPLE being affected, not whether or not someone can play Angry Birds... wow...

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New development slated for Bob Billings and SLT may land a grocery store

I'm not sure why it's being referred to as the "New Dillon's". It's the "Renovated Dillon's". It has been in that location for many many years. The "Newest Dillon's" is on West 6th Street.

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New development slated for Bob Billings and SLT may land a grocery store

Not to be a stickler for details, but there are 2 Hy-Vees, 4 Dillon's, 2 Wal-Marts, Target, The Merc, Natural Grocer's, Checker's, and Aldi's. I may be missing some, but there have been multiple Dillon's and Wal-Marts in this town for awhile.

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New development slated for Bob Billings and SLT may land a grocery store

I say we should let them keep building and adding on to West Lawrence. They will stop once they realize how close they are getting to Topeka. And if they allow themselves to get too close, they'll just become the "New East Lawrence". I'd rather live closer to Overland Park, myself. Lawrence prides itself on being a diverse community, yet West Lawrence is getting farther and farther away from the heart of the city - downtown. Let them have Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Westridge Mall. I'll take Free State, Papa Keno's, and Mass. St. any day!

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Two Jefferson County men arrested on suspicion of illegal weapons offenses

I agree. You are getting the news for free! It's one little answer - suck it up! If this helps the Journal World stay in business, so be it. The only constructive criticism I can give is to maybe only ask each question once per IP address. I'll give legitimate answers as long as I'm not answering the same question over and over.

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Analysis group believes new tax plan could ruin Kansas

What's funny, is that all the "Liberals" in Douglas and Johnson County will be able to just run over to the Missouri side of KC and do their shopping. It's all the people West of Topeka who voted for Brownback that will suffer from his budget. Thanks for lowering income taxes, and now I will be shopping online or over state lines to avoid the increased sales tax. This state is on a fast decline... 2014 can't get here fast enough.

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Republicans approve tax, appropriations bills to conclude legislative session

The only thing the legislature and Brownback accomplished this year is to give everyone - republican or democrat - a reason to vote Brownback out of office next year. Regardless of political affiliation, I'll be happy if anyone is elected as long as its not him! And if he thinks what he's doing to this state will benefit his presidential future, he is sadly mistaken...

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Ralliers want to preserve current system of providing long-term services to those with disabilities

I can tell you right now that Case Managers don't care how much a provider gets paid by the State. Their job is solely to provide the best care coordination to an individual, which in turn increases their independence. Yes, the provider bills for the Case Manager's time, but there is no incentive or commission provided to the Case Manager. And working in the non-profit industry is not financially rewarding. These people do what they do for the personal reward of helping people. The MCOs, however, will be working for the incentives...

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Ralliers want to preserve current system of providing long-term services to those with disabilities

I find it sadly comical that government employees, politicians, and for-profit insurance companies with no experience in non-medical services provided to the I/DD population would know what is best for them. So you're saying that with no research (and a delayed pilot project that has no intention of being a true "pilot") to support the inclusion of I/DD services under KanCare, that you know more than the parents, case managers, and the individuals themselves? I've not heard one story of someone directly involved with the services being provided that thinks I/DD services should be in KanCare. No system will ever be perfect. There will always be room for improvement, but let's compare the "so-called" complaints the state has received to the complaints the MCOs are receiving on a DAILY basis! Maybe we should measure "better outcomes" based on how many complaints you receive. The MCOs are obviously failing there.

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