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Twisted ideals

The big difference is that the Topeka group lies about God's character. Carl does not do that.

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Speaking for God

No, you have to do the work yourself. If you are really honestly interested, I can get you a book that covers the fundamentals. It was written by a guy that used to be an atheist.

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Twisted ideals

interesting opinion. Where are the facts?

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Civil rights issue

I absolutely agree that it should be much harder to get married.

There is a large body of research on the relationship between children and their parents. The absence of fathers greatly affects the daughters. The absence of mothers greatly affects the sons. There has to be both a father and a mother for the children to have the balanced relationships they require. This is old research - but many want to ignore it because it gets in the way of their agenda.

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Speaking for God

Are you willing to learn how to do the research and then are you willing to do the research?

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Speaking for God

If you look at the signs they display you will see many that state "God hates (certain class of people-typically a slang word).
This is a lie from the pits of hell. God has stated that He loves all people. He did not leave room for debate.

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God’s presence is felt, not proven

"I am as certain that god does not exist "
You should do some research on that subject. Of course, it takes a lot of time and a lot of work. Much easier to ignore the evidence.

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Endorsing sin

oh good grief. If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that context matters and that none of these apply now. That doesn't change what was said. You just have to apply the context. Research!!

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Endorsing sin

Spec in your brother's eye - you might want to read the whole section - it is BEFORE you help your brother. "help" being the operative word.

"Since your odds of avoiding sin justifying eternal damnation are barely above zero" - actually, it is zero. We cannot save ourselves.

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Civil rights issue

The secular definition of marriage in our law comes from the Judeo-Christian definition. The state has a very definite interest in marriage. Many property laws are based on marriage. In addition we know that it is best for children to be in a family with a mother and father.

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