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66th annual KU Band Day set for Saturday

My kid is a senior and very disappointed that the parade has been cancelled for his last year. His parents/grandparents feel the same way. Not sure why KU Band officials think the half time show is the best part. Seems like it makes more sense to cancel the half time show and keep the parade. Guessing this is what most kids prefer but also guessing KU band officials didn't ask the kids.

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KU cancels Band Day parade because of early football game kickoff

How about changing band day to Oct 5 vs Texas Tech?

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KU cancels Band Day parade because of early football game kickoff

Parade is the best part. The heck with the half time show. Let the kids march down Mass St then attend the game as spectators. The parade is much more fun than walking onto the field and playing three or four songs at a drastically slower tempo than intended. Guessing both fans and HS band students would choose the parade over the 1/2 time show. I wonder how the HS band directors feel about this. Some travel along way to simply walk 50 steps onto a field.

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Self praises KU bench's improved play, confidence

In my opinion, if it were a MU player, no question KU fans would boo. As for K-State, for the most part, I think KU fans are fairly supportive towards little brother! In regards to K-State fans and their attitude towards KU, me think K-Staters have a condition called Trophy Envy! Just saying.............................(insert sarcasm)

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End may be coming for GOP moderates

Merrill - blaming Bush for the banking collapse. Seriously! I don't know you but it is hard to believe you're not being sarcastic with your post. Talk about entitlements and poor economies. You might find the link below interesting. Perhaps the state (California) and U.S. city (Detroit) in the worse shape financial have been under democrat party control for quite some time including California governor (lefty in sheep clothing) Arnold S.

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K-State student national fishing champion

I believe they have t-shirts for sale in parking lots all over Manhattan. Get one while they last. EMAW

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Petrino reportedly didn’t want 911 call

So we hold a college football coach to a higher standard than the President of the United States?

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Should a teacher with a larger class be paid more than a teacher with a smaller class?

Sure! We do it with welfare and those parents make a choice to have more kids. Teachers don't make the choice for larger class sizes.

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Double Take: Daughter's IEP addition worth fighting for

So, because of an IEP, she gets a spot on the team (regardless if she participates or competes), yet another student with much better skills doesn't make the team because she doesn't have an IEP guaranteeing her a spot. That pretty much describes the America we've come to know!

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Taken by storm: Cyclone fans swamp floor to celebrate win over KU

Geezzzzz.... The article was about the ISU fans storming the court, hence comments in the section following the article will probably be about .......hummmm, let me storming the court?

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