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Who do you think won last night's vice presidential debate?

Both men accomplished what needed to be done. Biden is a 40-year veteran of D.C. politics - he's seen many like Ryan come and go. The debate odds were in Biden's favor and he proved them right. Biden out-debated Ryan, at least on technique alone. The GOP has no reason to find fault with Ryan's performance - he sparred well and hit his points. But Ryan was flat in tone and obviously rehearsed, and Biden spoke from experience and from his heart. Sentiment wins votes. The fact-checkers are now determining their truths.

The winner of this debate was the American people. We saw true discourse last night, thanks in great part to the moderator. Americans need to re-learn discourse, how to talk through problems, how to see this country as a co-operative venture, not a case of "my team versus your team." We have become a lazy citizenry and we need to snap out of it. Think of the children.

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