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City voices support for $725k loan to shelter but wants further discussion of terms

Very bad deal commissioners. This is not protecting the city taxpayers at all! I'm disappointed in you.

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

I think this is a very bad idea. Please say NO! I agree with the commenter above about replacing sidewalks. We, too, are senior citizens and have to replace a sidewalk that we can't afford. We will have to trim our budget and figure out what to do without in order to get this put in. I feel they can do the same thing.

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Business leaders developing plans for larger career and technical education center

I would love to see a facility that adults as well as high school students could get technical training. I believe Lawrence has long needed a place for this type of training. This might even convince more industrial-type businesses to come to Lawrence if we have properly trained people to work there.

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City approves budget with slight property tax increase, great hopes of improving economy in 2014

I agree that the City shouldn't be taking on the mortgage of the Community shelter. It seems as though the shelter just keeps asking for more and more at the expense of the working tax payers.

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Would you shop at Menards if it came to Lawrence?

We drive to Topeka now to go to Menards and then stay and eat and do some other shopping. We also go to Home Depot in Lawrence but many times they don't have what we need and their prices are higher on identical items.

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Leaders seeking to attract branch campus of community college, new economic development board told

It seems that Johnson County Community College has already made a commitment to Lawrence since they offer classes here. Why "recruit" a college when they are already here. Work with them on expanding the curriculum to offer what the community leaders would like to see offered. I've taken classes there and think they are a wonderful school.

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County leaders to decide on support for K-10 bus service

Johnson County Community College does offer some community college classes at Centennial School in Lawrence. Go to their website and check it out.

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Town Talk: Site once proposed for Lowe's now planned for apartments; rumors of a national sporting goods store other than Dick's; weekly land transfers, including LMH news

I agree with the above comments. I would much rather see a Lowe's store over more apartments. Is there really a need for the amount of apartments being built in Lawrence?

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Teachers, district to meet with mediator about size of raises

I agree that the teachers have an important job but what about all of the people behind the scenes who are working just as hard. Many of them have college educations too but I don't see the teachers standing up for them. I say they should all get the same percentage of a raise!!

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