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Large portion of East Lawrence set to be rezoned to protect it from dense development

Thank you, Mr. Peterson. I couldn't have said it better! I would add that most of us live here because we want to live here...East Lawrence. I don't ask that people in other areas change their ways and I certainly don't make mean remarks about the other residential areas! We love East Lawrence and try to do what is best for our neighborhood and our neighbors!

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Bankruptcy filings in Kansas and U.S. nearing 10-year low

Imagine what he might have accomplished if he had not had opposition to everything he tried to do for this country for both terms he served. But don't expect anything to get better in the next 4 to 8 years (depending on how long it takes for reality to soak in for quite a few folks).

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Arts Center students' ornaments now on display in D.C. as part of National Christmas Tree

Yay! for allowing children (our future) to help decorate the tree the last year of this administration. (Traditionally, Weisbrod Morris says, it’s professional artists who are enlisted, not schoolchildren.) The Obamas acknowledged and recognized youth in a big way during the last 8 years. What a fun, nice article to read!

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City prepares to close deal on Santa Fe depot; restoration set to begin soon

There is grant money for at least a portion of this work.

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Obama invites Trump to White House to discuss transition of power

President Obama has acted with class again.

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In aftermath of South allegations, educators share strategies for talking to kids about race

Dear Shawn,
I don’t believe that anyone in this article said that adults did not have the ability to be kind, truthful, or do right. Kids have not experienced as much of life in all of its glorious situations as adults have. We grow, learn, and are shaped by the experiences we encounter. You seem to make several assumptions in your response to the article….like WHY the teacher was suspended. I think this teacher was suspended due to comments made (allegedly) to students in his class. The district is PAYING him while the investigation continues. This is like “paid vacation” when a person receives their wage while they are doing NO WORK. Seems fair to me. The reason white people only make racist remarks is because it is usually only white people who contend their race is superior in some way…just because of the color of their skin. Have you met very many Black people or Native people who claim to be BETTER because of their race? I thought maybe not. Just take the time to look up a few defiinitions.
I took time to respond to your comment because I, too, am lily white as they come. Not proud of that fact, not ashamed of that fact. I am what God gave me in terms of race. I am what I choose to be in terms of how I treat others and in terms of how I live my life. I choose to try to listen to and consider other viewpoints. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and found feelings and circumstances I had no idea about. Shawn, I think you are a smart person. Give yourself a chance to consider from more views than only your own and your closest associates. (Sorry to be so long!)

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Trial begins for Lawrence man accused of threatening a police officer with a shotgun

If the LEO was NOT a good shot, another young man would be dead.

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What's the oldest thing you own?

Good job, Reber! I think you have it...wait! I think I may have some too....

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Lawrence Historic Resources board delays vote on East Ninth design, told plan is a 'slap in the face' to history

Also, does anyone, besides me, remember a totally different plan being presented for this exact same piece of ground? (New York Site Council meeting) Not even saying if I like one or the just all becomes very confusing. I can understand some people feeling sorta disenfranchised over a lot of these things.

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Brownback administration could block transgender Kansans from updating records

What would be the correct answer to this dilemma then? The person is no longer the gender that the birth certificate says. To change it would indicate an error in recording gender at the time of birth. I follow your logic. I would like to know how you feel this should be handled.

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