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Have you ever taken a trip on a passenger train? Where did you go?

Oh, train travel! Took my 2 kids from Lawrence to Milwaukee about 35 years ago. We had a blast! Good times and memories but, yes! I brought food. Lots of it, in a funny little red suitcase. If those "kids" read this they will know it was them :)

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Baker Wetlands manager dismantles boardwalk he built as a boy scout

uh-huh. Some people can't seem to get that this is a good place. Thanks.

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City approves budget with slight property tax increase, great hopes of improving economy in 2014

Read under the "City Commission briefs" column to the left of the article on blue background to find info regarding Just Food

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City delays approval of Rock Chalk Park development

I don't know about anybody else but the new little " answer this question to continue reading this page" is more than irritating. LJW, if you don't want an online readership, just say so. I am usually pretty easygoing but, really?

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Industry, beauty and antiques collide at North Lawrence corner

I think someone should check the names of the ladies in the pictures...Jane Garvin is the lady looking at the green plate. Probably just switched the names around but, should be corrected. Nice, informative article, really!

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Kansas City man charged with federal gun crime after arrest at local club

" thank God taxes haven't been irresponsibly cut to the extent that the police who noticed the gun would've been laid off or furloughed".....yet!!

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Diversity official Rodriguez leaving KU different than he found it 35 years ago

Good for you, Fred!
As for the trolls who seem to be the only people out there, I wish for your hearts and minds to find a way to contribute positively to a conversation as Dr. Rodriguez did for many years!
That said, I commend Dr. Rodriguez and many others who brought the PDS program to reality at KU. I was lucky enough to have been in the original (experimental) year…anyone remember how we would laugh at being the experiments? Anyhow, it wasn’t, and ISN’T, just about skin color. Never was.
It’s about fair and responsible treatment for all students and people. Have a kid with a disability? Want the best for that beloved child? Can you say diversity, equity? Have a female child? Want her to have all the opportunities she deserves? I thought so… That is what the program is about. That is what Dr. Rodriguez and the rest of our professors helped people get better at doing.
Probably time to get down off my soapbox. Good luck in all you do, Fred. By the way, other Rodriguez’ have made great, positive contributions to children and education! Your family “walks the walk”. Take good care of each other!!

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Holiday lights aren't just for Christmas anymore

Took some Grandkiddos by to have a look-see...Great job!! Very fun!!

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