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Sweeping abortion bill approved by Kansas House committee

It's not even about world population or fullfilling the dreams of those who can not have children. This is a human rights issue. It may be the mother's fault for allowing herself to become pregnant, but it's not her fault that the couple who unfortunately can't have children, can't have children.

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Same Sex "Marriage" Is Biologically Impossible

Well said.

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Kansas court to consider custody case appeal

"...appointing only licensed psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, therapists, social workers or lawyers." Really, lawyers are on that list? If we're going to fix something, lets fix it right.

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National Weather Service reviews decisions on tornado warnings

They certainly aren't designed to be heard outdoors, obviously most people aren't outside during thunderstorms and people are not expected to go outdoors to try to hear a siren. I think it is a reasonable expectation that a person can hear a tornado siren within the interior of their home and we should be able to hear them within our homes. Obviously there is an issue with that in some areas and that should be addressed.

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City takes steps to change trash system

A city-wide recycling program should the first think implemented. Why is that being put off? I think there are a lot of people for a city-wide recycling program, maybe we would be more on board with city-issued carts if it was for a better cause? Commissioners, give us a cause to care about and most will follow. Know your citizens.

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Legislature considering 13 alcohol bills

Nice math KRichards. I was unaware of difference in units! Glad someone is paying attention.

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Man charged with poaching 14-point buck

Just glad to know those laws are enforced.

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Retired Lawrence police officer receives award for saving baby at Nebraska Furniture Mart

Oh, I wish we could all see that video. What a hero!

December 23, 2011 at 4:51 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Do you think there should be a common book that's required reading for all KU freshmen?

School of Architecture requires Western Civ.

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