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100 years ago: Vinland farm ideal spot for TB sanitarium, Doc Crumbine says

I don't think it ever was built in Vinland. I do see that there was one built in Norton about that time.

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City Commission candidates disagree on how to serve homeless in downtown Lawrence

Just wait until the library is finished, then we won't need a drop in shelter (sarcasm intended).

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Editorial: Bond reservations

Could I just point out that while the present school board would honor their word, it does not mean the school board elected 10 years from now would. That's how we got into this mess with the athletic fields and the city's rec center. Just like the city commission back in the 90's did not intend for the city to spend $25 million x 2 on a rec center.

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Senate advances bill giving private health clubs property tax break

So soon any for profit business will be exempt from taxes if a nonprofit exists in the state. Examples, resale stores that have to compete with nonprofits such as the Restore or Goodwill. I'm sure there are many for examples. How about private childcare facilities? This is a dangerous step to take.

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Sound Off: Medicare patients

Well, seems my doctor is not on the list. Guess I'll be looking for a new doctor in a few years. :0(

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100 years ago: Dr. Crumbine tests old eggs on KU students

I sure hope the results of the experiment were made known. I'd love to find out what happened.

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3 Spoons Yogurt closes Lawrence store

I remember when Dillons on Mass had a yogurt bar, my kids loved it. Maybe they should bring it back.

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Letter: Postal plan

Seems congress has taken care of the problem today, Saturday deliveries will continue. George must live in my neighborhood, delivery has been terrible. We almost lost our health insurance because we didn't get an important letter from them. We are constantly taking other people's mail to their mailboxes that was delivered to ours. Sometimes we find mail in our box after we have taken in the mail so some of our neighbors (hopefully all of them) are doing the same. Once I was waiting for a package and saw the carrier coming and headed for the door. By the time I got there he was gone and a note saying I would have to go pick the package up because we weren't there. We have a doorbell and he did not ring it or knock. Like George, it's always a different carrier. What deec said is also true, heard it from a carrier that was working under those terms. He ended up getting his kids a medical card so at least they would have medical care while he and his wife had no coverage.

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Have you ever had a birthday party for a pet?

Have been to some full blown animal parties complete with cookouts, beer, games and 30 or 40 people in attendance. Now that's how you do a party.

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