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Business-oriented political action committee gets big donations, endorses Chestnut, Farmer, Riordan in City Commission race

Hi SouthernMan:

Could you be more forthcoming regarding your assertion that the League of Women Voters are "whiners and complainers"? Anything specific you can point to would be helpful. Thank you. (If you prefer to email me, I can be reached at league at sunflower dot com).

Melinda Henderson, President, League of Women Voters of Lawrence/Douglas County

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Letter: Watchdogs

I leave holding "Barry" accountable to the National League. :) They're not too enthralled with him about several things at the moment.

We pretty much focus on local issues, here at the local level.


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Town Talk: Last-minute guide to Lawrence City Commission primary election

Thanks for the shout-out, Chad!

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Advance voting deadline extended past noon Monday; here's your guide to Lawrence City Commission primary election

This would be where the the thanks for the shout-out comment goes.

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City Commission candidates split on idea of expanded rental licensing program

The League of Women Voters of Lawrence/Douglas County asked the following questions of all the candidates. If you'd like to view/download there answers, you can visit our website: lawrenceleague.com and click on Elections.

Why do you want to be a city commissioner?

What unique qualities and/or skillsets do you bring to the table that you feel have been missing from previous city commissions?

In what area of city government do feel you would excel, and why?

What area of city government do you feel you know least about?

How much time do you envision being a city commissioner will take on a weekly basis and how will you be able to handle that, along with your regular employment?

What are your thoughts about changing the way we elect city commissioners from at-large to five geographic areas (such as wards). What do you see as the pros and/or cons of switching to such a system?

Would you support funding an interconnected shared use path system emphasizing routing through riparian and wooded urban natural areas where possible? If so, how would you suggest funding it?

Do you have concerns about Gov. Brownback's new budget and how that might impact the city? If so, do you envision cuts would have to be made in the city budget? If so, where?

Hot Button Issue: Given everything you know at this point in time, share your thoughts and concerns, if any, on financing Rock Chalk Park with $25 million in sales tax.

The League of Women Voters does not support a sales tax on food and groceries. Do you? Why or why not?

Best guess: How many city commission meetings have you attended last year?

Have you ever testified before the city commission on any issue(s)? If so, what issue(s)?

What do you know about your local League of Women Voters and how can we help you be a great city commissioner, if elected?

Tell us a secret about yourself.

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100 years ago: Those seeking anti-suffrage booklet get a surprise

The League of Women Voters of Lawrence/Douglas County would like to thank the editors of the 1912 Lawrence Daily Journal-World for the sense of humor they displayed in educating the (all male) voters about the argument against the upcoming state constitutional amendment for equal suffrage.

And a big thanks to Sarah St. John for covering this topic so thoroughly at this point in time. As the time draws near for the November 5, 1912 election (yes, 1912), we look forward to more information about how things were in Lawrence 100 years ago.

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Kansas rolls out new driver's license

Where's the statement that indicates proof of US Citizenship?

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100 years ago: KU students organize to support Bull Moose Party

Hi Sarah:

Loved the story on the Bull Moose movement! Are you aware that Nov 5th is the 100th anniversary of the state constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote in Kansas? EIGHT YEARS BEFORE THE 19th amendment to the national constitution! Please contact me at league at sunflower dot com ... I'd like to talk to you about this history and how it was covered locally. Thanks!

Melinda Henderson, President
LWV of Lawrence/Douglas County

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Voting mission

Wow, LJW...thanks so much for the recognition. Since the beginning of June, we've registered upwards of 150 voters and answered many questions about the voting process, itself...especially the changes in the law that now requires a photo ID to vote. We've met many wonderful citizens of Lawrence and Douglas County who were thrilled to see us at an event because they'd "been meaning to get around to registering" (or, in some cases, re-registering, if necessary) and we made the process that much easier for them because we were right there.

Later this year, we'll be providing our regular Voter Guide to help voters learn about the candidates running for offices in Douglas County. Then, next year, we'll be working very closely with our awesome County Clerk, Jamie Shew, to make sure that we can still register as many voters as possible when the new proof of citizenship requirement goes into effect. (Attention voters: once the November election is over we have local elections for city commission and school board just over the horizon in April 2013.)

If anyone would like to volunteer to help us register voters, please feel free to contact us at league (at) sunflower (dot) com. The more volunteers...the more registered voters. We don't care how you vote...we just want you to vote!

We've also moved into the 21st Century with social media :) :




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