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For Kansas basketball, recruiting never ceases

Doug Gottlieb works for CBS now, not ESPN.

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Cliff's Notes version: Mark Mangino press conference, 10/6/09

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Crosstown repeat

You just clarified to me the kind of person I'm dealing with here. I am not an administrator or coach at LHS. Just a former student and loyal supporter. I'm not sure what your relationahip to Free State is, but I'm pretty sure most of the people there are a little embarassed of you right now.If you really are a Free State supporter and you feel that Free State is so much better than LHS, just enjoy the success you're having and keep your mouth shut. Support your Firebirds and stay out of our business.

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Crosstown repeat

plumberscrack,I, for some reason, have sat and read your posts for some time now. You are an extremely negative person and very critical of teachers and coaches who basically "donate" their time to coach kids and have a positive impact on their lives. As a LHS supporter, I'm glad that you are a Firebird. We don't want people like you on our side. We want people who believe in our coaches and our players.Coach Stoll made a gutsy call to try to win a game for his kids. It was a gamble, but it was a gamble he thought gave his team the best chance to win. Nobody wanted to win that game more than Coach Stoll. His gives his a$$ to LHS and the baseball program. He works everyday with children in our school district who have special needs. He does it because he loves kids and he loves helping other people. Maybe you need to keep a high school baseball game in perspective.So, maybe you should cut him a little slack. You also need to think about the people you touch when you post criticisms of high school coaches on this message board. I'm sure most of Lawrence High's coaches don't get on this message board to see what "the plumber" posts about them, but you need to realize that sometimes those coaches have mothers, wives, sisters, and friends who do read your crap.My advice (since you're so big on giving advice)...grow up and get a life, and think about the words you choose and the people that they touch.Congrats to Coach Hill and the Firebirds. We are very lucky to have two great baseball coaches in our town who care deeply about kids and do things right.It's a Great Day to be a Lion!

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Tait: It's time to act


Who are the people that are still living in LHS's past that are holding this thing up? I think everyone involved with both LHS and FSHS want improved facilities. The hold ups are 1) What exactly do we do and 2) How do we pay for it? No one has proposed an affordable, realistic option as of yet.

On a personal note, why do we have to be "like" Topeka, Olathe, and Shawnee Mission, where aluminum and chainlink complexes are thrown up in the middle of some pasture and are deemed district facilities. These complexes have zero character or history. Why can't we be different? Why can't we be better than them? The people who are "holding on to the past" are probably doing so because they remember a time when we WERE better than those places. Why can't we use our history to our advantage? Why can't we incorporate our history and our need for better facilities? Why can't we work with Haskell University and help them make their stadium a first class facility that they and Lawrence's athletic teams can use? Why can't we build a football stadium and renovate other facilities on the CAMPUS of FSHS to give them their own identity and first class facilities? I'm sick of people saying "how?" or "why?" Shouldn't we dream a little bit, expcect the best for our kids, and say "WHY NOT?"

I agree with Mr. Tait, it's time to ACT.

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Padia plenty tough in LHS triumph

hilary, i guess that holding up a sign that says "Padia is soft" is considered good sportsmanship in your book? This rivalry brings out the best and worst in both sides. Both schools should be held accountable for their actions. Your statement just makes you sound like a Free State homer.

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Is it time to pay for play?

One solution for football and soccer would be to put turf down at Haskell Stadium. Also, spend some money to improve the concession and restroom facilities on the north side, and add concession and restroom facilities on the south side. It would be a facility that both high schools' football and soccer teams could use for games. It could also be used for Kansas state championship events.

Here is my question to PLAY...where are you going to build this facility? Where is there land in Lawrence? My guess would be somewhere on the west side of town. How expensive is that land going to be? How can kids from the east side of town (many of whom come from lower economic families) get to a facility on the west side. Are we building a facility that will be more accessible for privileged kids on the west side?

I doubt anyone on the board of PLAY is proposing to build a facility on the east side of town. Let's make sure that if we do something to improve facilities, that ALL the kids in Lawrence have the same opportunity to use that facility.

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