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Brownback administration cites more savings from KanCare, wants to use funds for those with disabilities

As the over-used saying goes "Show me the money"!!

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Gun bills easily approved

Yeah, I want someone other than law enforcement walking into the school where my Grandchildren are... or the hospital that my grandma is in, or the nursing home that Aunt Tillie lives. Geez...

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A pleasant Sunday could turn into snow overnight

I love living here, but this is becoming old very quickly!!!

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Nursing home planning elaborate St. Patrick's Day birthday party for new feline resident

I happened to visit a good friend on Saturday and met "Patrick" for the first time. I love cats, and he seemed to be an exceptionally well-behaved little one. However on Sunday, visiting the same friend who needed help, where were all the nurses and staff? At the party. I'm sorry, but when an elderly person is "living" in a nursing facility who claims to provide good "care", then the staff who work there need to be paying more attention to the residents than they do to the resident cat. I find this to border on neglect.

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Frank Carlson, 87, a resident at Brandon Woods at Alvamar, hugs Patrick, the nursing home’s resident

I met Patrick yesterday while visiting a dear friend. He was lounging around where two hallways intersect, and loved all the attention showered on him. Happy Birthday, Patrick! :)

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Bill would allow open carry of firearms in the Kansas Statehouse, according to a Lawrence legislator; measures now go to Senate

I'll likely come under fire (no pun intended) for this - but I despise guns of all kinds. I know there are people who NEED them in their jobs, but casual carriers "just because"...? My question is this - if you have children in school (for example), and their school isn't equipped with a metal detector, do you really want someone (aside from law enforcement) coming into that school with a gun in their pocket or on their hip??? Geezus.

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Former Ottawa superintendent receiving full salary of $10,899 per month and benefits

Criminal, considering that some families live on less than that PER YEAR!!!

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New owner looking for restaurant tenant for former Joe's Bakery location

I remember going into Joe's one Valentine's day to pick up cookies for my co-workers. One of those huge, heart-shaped and decorated cookies was on display, but broken right down the center. I said something like "Was the cookie made this way deliberately so that some guy (or girl) whose heart is broken could give it to the person who broke it?" The woman behind the counter laughed and said, "I've waited all morning for someone to comment on it - so here, it's yours!" My kids enjoyed it for dessert. Joe's was the best in so many ways...

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Snow more: Winter storm warning issued for Monday, Tuesday

I live in the county, south of Lawrence. The roads out here are VERY well cared-for. I so appreciate all the hard work the county crews put in.... getting out of my own driveway however is the issue ;(

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