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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

I also would like to see more young women speak up. But then reality sinks in. Being ostracized and humiliated is more than most can bear. These guys know that they are protected and there arrogance and disgusting behavior off the court is standard procedure for them. Again although there are many jersey chasers there is in fact a very large number of young KU women and men that find their off court behavior absolutely repulsive!

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

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Free State opening draws 14 applicants

Lets hope that the applicant selected for this position does a better job than the first one. FSHS has really never had an opportunity to build rich traditions like Lawrence High has. Joe Snyder squelched attempts by students, boosters, and teachers. This principal and some of his staff belong to the "good ole boy" network and are extremely sexist and pompous. Some of the best teachers this district has ever had left FSHS for more respect and creative freedom. I have had 3 children graduate from Free State and if I had it to do all over again they would have attended Lawrence High School. To the interviewing committee - give this high school an opportunity to grow into a school rich in tradition, individuality, and respect for students and staff by hiring the right person this time.

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Judge approves anti-stalking order against coach

An impeccable person does not do what he did! It is ironic that you were a cheerleader and did not have a problem with him. That is just the point several have tried to make. You were not subjected to his degrading comments. His arrogance and attitude towards females of all ages is despicable as proven by the crime he is accused of!

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Murphys' law

How immature of the comment Jayhawken made. Perhaps this person needs to do some soul searching to determine why they would be so bitter about someone else's success.
Good Luck to the Murphy twins!!!!

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