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Chiefs banged up heading into opener

I don't think coaches should start a rookie regularly. That's only doing both the team and the rookie harm, because your shoving an NFL defense down his throat when hes got no experience. But in the Chiefs case, with Cassel possibly injured for one or two games, they need to seriously consider starting Stanzi for the opener. Tyler Palko isn't worth the money spent on his uniform, and Stanzi is a fan favorite. In the first preseason game, when Haley FINALLY put him in, you all heard the fans in Arrowhead cheering! He'll add the spark that the chiefs offense seriously needs.

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Kansas Human Rights Commission nominee from Lawrence faces tough questioning

Why should we believe in governments protection of human rights? Our rights have been slowly dying away for decades. Why? Because of rich politicians who try to stuff their views and philosophies down the throats of us inferior beings. Gone are the days of political leaders who actually care for the well-being of those they lead.

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Four communities — including Lawrence — agree to pay state to retain SRS offices

Hmmmm. That's funny, I don't remember seeing anything about this BEFORE THEY VOTED ON IT!!! And by the way, Mike1949, I'm pretty sure it was Sebelius that brought those eggheads from out of state in. Brownback has to honor the contract.

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Lawrence man pleads guilty to rape, aggravated criminal sodomy and aggravated indecent liberties with a child

To none2:
The death penalty can be applied for more than just three crimes. Your saying one punishment goes with one crime, and no more. The problem with that is there aren't enough punishments to go around. Murder gets death, molestation gets 25-life, all the way down to drugs getting a slap on the hand. And I dont think victims of rape/dismemberment/murder would mind to much if a simple child molester gets the death penalty. In fact, I think they'd be happy with that.

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