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Editorial: Recruiting gains

KU should not be obligated to provide remedial math and reading help. If a kid doesn't have the smarts to attend KU without the assistance of grade school courses, let them go to one of the junior colleges or other state schools. And not for nothing, out of state students subsidize tuition for Kansas kids.

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Taking a Neanderthal out to coffee

Check out the latest USNWR rankings. Not much good news for KU. Two small, scantily tax funded New England publics, are ranked significantly higher than KU! Is KU a victim of its geography, leadership or political ethos?

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Legislative college, university tour scheduled for next month

KU didn't fare well in the latest USNWR rankings. How is it that two small publics in New England that receive scant public funding, UVM and UNH, are ranked significantly higher than KU?

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KU Hospital lands nine programs in U.S. News top-50 rankings

KU Hospital did not make the honor roll of hospitals. Both the University of Iowa Hospitals and Barnes did achieve that distinction.

Given the diminished state funding of the medical school which, is primarily responsible for the reputation of the hospital, it will be interesting to see how well the hospital fares in next years rankings.

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Kobach proposes rule change on proof-of-citizenship requirement to register to vote

Interesting article about Mr.Kobach in the nation's paper of record. Of interest, the Secretary of State enjoys mountain biking. In Kansas, not!!!!


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Editorial: Tax impacts

Laughing!!!! But that is not an unusual response to anything relating to Kansas politics or the right wing ethos that dominates Kansas. Kansans elect and therefore deserve what they get from their leaders. So the choices are simple: vote them out of office or keep them.

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Simons' Saturday Column: Interim dean pushed KU engineering school forward

Can we be proud of the commitment Kanas has made to higher education?


You decide!

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KU outlines significant cuts if Legislature cuts higher education funding

For the grossly uninformed:


there is a difference between a residency program and undergraduate medical education.

The medical school program should never have been started.

ALL basic science courses should be completed in Kansas City. If the two hospitals in Wichita which host KU students were to sign a MAJOR academic affiliation agreement with KU, it would then be possible to have but one administrator in Wichita to oversee the affiliation contract and a physician to coordinate the clerkship experience.

Neither the Wichita campus nor the Salina campus do squat to embellish KU Med's less than sterling academic reputation.

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

Hospital are the greediest institutions in America. See the latest issue of Time Magazine. Steven Brill should win a Pulitzer for this story!


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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

From today's New York Times:


Some Republican governors have seen the light!

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