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New Capitol dome will shine like a penny, cost a whole lot more

Usually an architect's fee for a remodeling/renovation project is 8 to 12 percent. Just to round off numbers I'm assuming the architectural fee to date is 31 million. Yes...31 million dollars. The project has been under construction 11 years and estimate another 4 years for completion. Ok....now hire 10 architects at 100,000 per year. Total cost would be 15 million for the architectural services (I've included support staff and overhead in the 100,000 per year.)
So...hmmm....31 million less 15 million leaves a net profit for Mr. Treanor of 16 million. And he doesn't even coach football. Not bad. I think this would be the one percent.
(And I think Mike is a great architect. Not his fault the State is screwed up so bad. Where is the accountablilty?)

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Kansas revenue department refuses Journal-World's request for information about tax reform group

ok...would have thought you would know better. Get really to be called to the Principal's office for such badmouthing our Governor. Gee....you will probably stand behind the First like the 18 year old girl did. Wouldn't work this time. Brownie is prepared! (eagle scout you know...*g*)

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Former KU provost Richard Lariviere out as University of Oregon president

Agree with booklover2. He wasn't liked nor able to communicate here. Hmmm...wondering if the Board of Regents has considered not renewing someone's contract in Kansas?

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Tax bills coming for the holiday

Please look at your taxes closely this year. We wanted bus service. We wanted a new library. Ohhh...and it looks like we "want" a rec center for another 16 million. What has happened to need???? So many of us are on a fixed income with our 401Ks and interest earned on savings being less than the COL. And why I'm bitching, why is the City collecting more than four million over their cost on our utilities and then transferring it over to the general fund? Isn't that similar to an additional tax?
In additonal to those without jobs and thoses underemployed there are a number of seniors that are having a difficult time making ends meet. (And we know the School Board is going to as for another bond issue.)

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Trash sense

If it isn't broken....don't fix it. We have a great trash service and workers now. I think our Mayor is simply trying to impose his believes on the rest of us. One can find a place to recycle or can pay $5.00 per month for curbside service.
On a tangent - How will the City handle the apartments? I believe the last count was 58% of the living units in Lawrence are rentals. Do you think the people in the large complexes are going to sort their trash? I don't. I think they will just throw everything into one container.
So who gets to sort the trash out of the recycle container?
Please City Commission, find ways to save money not spend more and more and more.
There is a difference between want and need.

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Budig boost

Budig was a good,perhaps a great Chancellor in comparison to the last two.
He wasn't a Murphy but times have changed. Really not a big secret as to the source of this inside information. Mr. Budig and Mr. Simons are good friends and I believe have communication almost weekely. Ohhh...Ignatius...e-mail Budig. I'm sure he has an opinion about Occupy Wall Street. I found he would be one to express his opinion even if it wasn't in agreement with all. He might not have been an imposing man, such as Perkins, nor a loud speaking person such as Mangino, but I respected his willingness to take a stand.

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Some Knology customers experience Internet outages, delays

My response from the help desk has basically been no response. I had to go through the whole meal deal of telephone number, pin number, dogs name, etc. Then....we can't help with that problem. They gave me the phone number of the computer manufacture company and Outlook. Not even a thanks for calling and have a great day. I'm one more problem from changing carriers. Knology might find that they spent $160,000,000 for a bunch of outdated wiring and poor service. (I always had great help with the local people at Sunflower.)

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Occupy Lawrence protesters ask city for help finding new campsite

Thanks to all. Sounds like good judgment by both parties.

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SRS says faith-based intiatives still around, just not getting as much attention

It just seems to go on and on. Cutting SRS offices and then adding a "faith based " position. Can we say seperation of Church and State? Secret meeting on budget cuts. Open meeting Law? It is really frightening what Brownback's administration is doing to the people of Kansas. And yes....I voted for him. Shame on me.

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