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Opponents ask city to dump, alter trash plan

One big concern I don't believe is being addressed. If I recall correctly, 58 percent of the residences of Lawrence live in rental property. Ok....Cromwell doesn't include rental property in his proposal and still believes we should hit the 40 percent mark. Must be the new math stuff.
Why doesn't he just speak the truth and quit wasting the committee's and citizen's time.
I believe he wants to eliminate jobs which of course will eliminate costs. Add the additional cost he is proposing and we have a loss loss situation. (wonder if he knows the cost of the automated trash trucks?)
We have much more important issues the City needs to address than trash.

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Public input sought on trash, recycling report

Single nester with a trash compactor in house.
Usually we have 1/2 of a container every other week to be picked up. We take our recycle material to Walmart. Why do I want two huge containers that will take a parking space in the garage and pay extra for service I don't need?
I think the City Commission should be honest with the taxpayers and explain that by adding the carts, etc., we will eliminate x amount of jobs saving the City x dollars per year.
(I would enjoy reviewing this calculation. It seems Mike A. is the only one looking out for the "little guy" or the people on fixed income.)

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Who do you think can better address the needs of the common man, a member of Congress with a $1 million or more net worth or one with a negative net worth?

Will agree with mom_of_three. Just not a good question. Makes one wonder if the poll writer has common sense..*g*

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KU school of education gets $2.5 million scholarship gift

An added thank you. Great to see such a needed gift.

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City, business leaders not sounding alarm over retail store closings

It is the "no growth" Getaroom. It started in the late 70's when Douglas County State Bank ripped up their neighbor improvements. This organized the "no growth" folks and they have had a great influence on the future of Lawrence since that time. We have and are now reaping the benefits of their actions. I don't look for any change in the near future.

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Task force gathering data for retiree report

I have retired in Lawrence and love our City. Perhaps the above posts needed to think about the cost of retirement earlier. Yes, the taxes are too high, traffic is bad and the winters are long. However, good friends and good places to spend free time offset these negatives.
One only needs to look at Alvamar to see the number of retired individuals that have been attracted to our city. They were leaders from their prior living areas and have brought their "can do" attitudes to our City. (No...I didn't have a silver spoon. I worked 60 hours a week for 50 years. I didn't buy a new car every three years or have other "big boy toys." Now all I need is good health...*g*)

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Brownback 'deeply saddened' about Boeing decision

Dont forget Roberts!! He should have been able to hold Boeing to their word. Brownie? Did anyone think he would/could do anything? Ohh....forgot...I'm sure he is praying for Boeing to change their mind. Perhaps Perry will help.
And "they" wonder why there is only a nine percent approval rating.

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback campaigns for Rick Perry

Hear from a person that knows over the holiday - "The Governor is not very smart.
He gets his directions for the Koch bothers." Frightning......

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Weighty decisions lie ahead for KU in 2012

to yourworstnightmare......The prior Chancellor was doing a good job until his illness. He simply should have retired or had been asked to retire three years ago. Now...our current administration??? What have they done? We still have problems at the Medical Center and three or four Schools at the Lawrence Campus. Oh for the days of Dykes or Murphy.
We need someone that is proactive. All we need to do is look West 90 miles to see how to attract and retain students. Can someone explain why 35 percent of the graduation class at Olathe North is going to K-State? I have heard for 15 years how KU is going to improve our recruiting. I'm still waiting.

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Kansas preparing to replace Statehouse roof, dome

Another huge fee for the contractor and architect! Someone sure missed the estimated cost and scope of work for this project. So Treanor makes another two million. Not a problem.
Just build another high rise in downtown Lawrence. If we could only get the Neighborhood Associations to oppose improvements to the capital building it would stop the project cold.-
Justas they have stopped any progress in Lawrence

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