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Kansas lawmakers seek classroom tweaks in school budget row

"Other measures before the Legislature would drastically narrow negotiations between teachers and school boards and allow parents to sue educators for exposing students to material deemed to be "harmful to minors." Or maybe written by Jews, or Gays...

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KU policy protects LGBT workers from discrimination, despite governor's action

Thank you Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little for not allowing KU to be rolled back to the dark ages...

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Brownback administration seeks personnel policy changes

That's an outstanding comment, and gets to the root of the problem. As state workers positions become more political, it will be impossible to hire the type of people that you want working for you. Don't get it? Wait till you have to call a state office for help, or you need some type of support, which we all need at one time or another in our life, and you get someone that has no idea how to do their job. Or perhaps that position is gone, and there is really on one to help because there are no state workers left.

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Brownback administration seeks personnel policy changes

No, it's meant to fire employees they want to get rid of..gay? gone... don't kiss your boss's butt? gone... don't vote the right way? gone... etc, etc..

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Kansas lawyers criticize proposed Supreme Court reform

you are losing your rights by the bushel full.. brownback gets his people on the court, it's over for you all. No education, no rights for women, no rights for gays, no rights for workers, no rights for teachers..should I go on?

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Clinton Lake Marina undergoes major expansion

Are you old if you remember duck hunting on the Clinton bottoms?

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Kansas lawmakers to hold informational hearings on marriage

The problem is the state representatives that were voted into office. They believe this is the type of laws you wanted when you voted them in. While the rest of the country is starting to thrive, Kansas is looking at major cuts everywhere for the foreseeable future.

How can you do that to your children?

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Kansas governor cites school's $47K piano in announcing cuts

Well of course that's the proper excuse to announce cuts. Keep the people stupid and voting party lines.

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Kansas bill would impact titles used in newspaper opinion pieces

Kinda like Germany in 1933..

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Brownback tells bankers he's staying the course

I really feel bad for the people of the state I grew up in. How does it feel to know that you are regarded so lowly by the same people you elected?

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