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Clinton calls on Kansas to expand Medicaid; House speaker responds 'Hillary who?'

Is that all you got Ray.. "Clinton Who?" Perhaps you could explain why someone's grandmother right now is unable to buy her medications, or make an appointment to see a doctor. Oh that's right, SHE ISN'T FREAKING COVERED!!

You will have to answer this question to a higher power some day..whatcha gonna say?

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Lawsuit seeks damages in death of Kansas legislator’s wife

That's right.. go after the mother.. I'm sure yours would approve..

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Perry-Lecompton High School to begin testing students for drugs, alcohol

Big brother is watching.. especially in Kansas! I hope someone tests this in the court system, that seems to be the only way to teach people like this Principle.

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Brownback broadens order against refugee resettlements

Hate monger

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Kansas wants explanation of Virginia handgun permit decision

yeah, let's see you sing that tune if it was your kid..

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Kansas wants explanation of Virginia handgun permit decision

And why do people in Kansas care? Do you work in Virginia? I thought you supported states doing what they wanted? You make no sense..

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KDOT moves some engineering jobs from Topeka to Lawrence

They can't keep them because state employees are treated like crap..period.

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GOP lawmakers signal desire to overhaul Kansas' K-12 schools

I would never, under no circumstance move my family back to that state. I can't believe the state I grew up in has turned into.... Texas?

Shame on you people for voting these education terrorist into office!!

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New plaintiff seeks to join suit challenging proof of citizenship law

sure sounds like Kobach is far outclassed, this is gonna be fun to watch.

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