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Brownback says he wants more transparency in property taxes; Corliss said requirements already there

What a nice comment, I'm sure your mother is proud..

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Statehouse Live: Jenkins says some are happy to stay unemployed to collect benefits

Yet another example of how the GOP has lost interest/caring/compassion on those that lost their jobs because of the prior president.

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Brownback says he had meetings to discuss agenda, but did not violate Open Meetings Act

So, let me get this straight...the AG has his own PAC...a construction crony is now in charge of your highway funds..and now the "social gatherings:".. Do as I say, not as I do people...

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Brownback says he had meetings to discuss agenda, but did not violate Open Meetings Act

No....Him and Perry are two peas..and flipping scary!

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Kansas House wants to block funding to Planned Parenthood clinics, even though funds don't pay for abortion

Educate yourself people, no funds are used for abortion, they are blowing smoke...think for yourselves and let your representatives know you are smarter than that!

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1970: A year of turmoil

yankeevet - thank you brother for serving, and welcome home.

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Kassie Liebsch pleads guilty to wire fraud, faces up to 20 years in prison in KU ticket scandal

enjoy your new roommates Kassie, I'm sure they will enjoy you!!

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Father of 2 sets of twins prepares for 4th deployment

It's not easy to leave the ones you love and deploy..I hope its boring for you, may your time go by fast.

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Former battalion chief was baptized by fire

My grand-father (John W. Miller) was the Fire Chief for many years in Lawrence..We owe these people more then we can ever repay...RIP Chief, tell my grand-father I miss him..

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How much of an impact do the presidential debates have on your vote?

Shouldn't you be out on a ledge somewhere?

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